Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Advisory Committee

To ensure the health and safety of UMB students, UMB sponsors a Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for eligible students. All full-time students (Graduate Level - taking 9 or more credits, Undergraduate Level – 12 credit hours or more; students enrolled in Online Only Programs are not eligible to participate) are charged for SHIP if they do not qualify for a waiver based on proof of comparable coverage by another plan.  Graduate Assistants receive SHIP coverage as part of Graduate Assistant benefits. 


The UMB Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Advisory Committee is composed of UMB students and staff/faculty who provide feedback on a number of items related to the student health insurance plan. The committee will provide feedback that will assist the University in making decisions regarding the student health insurance plan that considers the diverse needs of the UMB student population. The committee may also provide feedback on other student health, counseling, wellness, and insurance matters. 


  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the student health insurance plan (SHIP) and the diverse needs of the UMB student body. 
  • Discuss issues related to providing a student health insurance plan that meets the needs of the students and University requirements.
  • Consider student feedback regarding programs and services related to student health, counseling, wellness, and student health insurance. 
  • Provide feedback on communications to students.

Committee Composition

The Student Health Insurance Plan Advisory Board is comprised of up to nine UMB students selected in consultation with the Student Affairs Deans Office from each School, the Graduate Student Association, and the University Student Government Association. Registered students eligible to enroll in SHIP can serve on the advisory committee. The majority of students will be enrolled full time to ensure representation from this group of individuals required by UMB to have health insurance coverage. Interested students will serve in this inaugural year until May 2021. Subsequent selections are made each Spring for a one year appointment, with the possibility of continuing participation for the following year. 

The committee will also include representatives from the Student Affairs Deans Offices (2), the Executive Director of the Counseling Center, Director of Educational Support and Disability Services, Program Manager from the Office of Academic Affairs and Graduate School, and Financial Services/Student Accounting. The Assistant Vice President of Fiscal and Academic Affairs and the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs or their designees serve as the co-chairs.

The co-chairs will work with the Student Affairs Deans, USGA, GSA, and the offices listed to identify individuals to serve on the committee.

Committee Members

  • Patty Alvarez, PhD, MS, Vice President/Chief Student Affairs Officer, Co-Chair
  • James Reynolds, MBA, Assistant Vice President Fiscal and Academic Affairs, Co-Chair
  • OPEN, Student, USGA 
  • Sydney Goertzen, Student, School of Dentistry
  • Rewa Hazim, Student, Graduate School
  • Jenny Contreras, Pharmaceutical Health Services Research program, Student, Graduate School
  • Megan Stemberger, Student, Graduate School
  • OPEN, Student, School of Law
  • OPEN, Student, School of Medicine
  • Rofiat Adebayo, Student, School of Nursing
  • Danielle Tuekam, Student, School of Nursing 
  • Tamiru Kirna, Student, School of Pharmacy
  • Jugal Sheth, Student, School of Pharmacy
  • OPEN, Student, School of Pharmacy
  • Meghan Bruce Bojo, MSW, Director, Faculty and Academic Administration, Office of the Provost
  • Bill Crockett, MS, RCRSP, Executive Director, Student Affairs
  • Erin Golembewski, PhD, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School
  • Heather Moore, Educational Support and Disability Services 
  • Jordan Nixon, MBA, Assistant Controller-Bursar, Student Financial Services
  • Dawn Shafer, LCSW-C, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, School of Social Work
  • Jenna Silverman, Ph.D., Executive Director, Student Counseling Center

Individuals who have health insurance expertise or related knowledge will be invited to attend meetings, as needed. 

Meeting Frequency

Meetings held four times per year and on an as needed basis.

Questions or Comments

If you have questions or comments about the SHIP Advisory Committee, your experience with the student health insurance plan, or related items, please contact Meghan Bruce-Bojo, MSW, Director, Faculty and Academic Administration, Office of the Provost at