Title IX Reporting Analytics

In the spirit of UMB's core values, the Office of Accountability and Compliance embraces transparency and provides data on Title IX (Sexual Misconduct, Harassment, and Violence) reporting. 


Definitions of 'Type of Misconduct':

See VI-1.60(A) UMB Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct and Sex and Gender-Based Discrimination 


Definitions of 'Outcomes':

Substantiated - means supported by proof or evidence.

Informal Resolution - voluntary, structured interaction between or on behalf of involved parties to resolve or address concerns at the earliest stage possible. The informal resolution process is intended to be flexible while also providing for a full range of possible outcomes.

Unsubstantiated - not supported by proof or evidence.

Referred - directed to appropriate entity or office for follow-up.

Non-UMB issue - situation does not fall under the purview of UMB policies.

Insufficient Information - report is lacking in quantity or quality of the information needed for conducting appropriate follow-up.