The authority and responsibility for the disposal of all University excess and surplus property purchased with the use of state funds is delegated to the Division of Procurement  Services. The resources of the Division of General Services are utilized to facilitate the removal and transportation of surplus property.

The Campus Sustainability Steering Committee has developed an easy-to-use website to encourage the transfer and reuse of unwanted office furniture, supplies, and equipment between departments on campus.

The campus community discards 90 to 100 tons of furniture and equipment each year. To reduce our carbon footprint and become better stewards of the state’s resources, this website helps facilitate the reuse of furniture and equipment that might otherwise go to a landfill.

The existing campus policies regarding the disposal of this equipment remain unchanged.

Anyone authorized to dispose of equipment can list unwanted items on the website for up to 30 days. If any University or hospital department has a need for the listed items, it can contact the posted owner and arrange for the transfer.

In this period of shrinking budgets, overcrowded landfills, and scarce resources, we all need to recycle and reuse whatever we can.

Melvin Tuck is the Surplus Property Officer, and may be reached at 410-706-6619 or via email.