Updated Telework Policy

July 28, 2020

Dear Colleagues:

As we move toward fall, the novel coronavirus remains a threat to the health and safety of our community and country. I am pleased to share the updated COVID-19 Status of Operation and Telework Policy that extends telework for the vast majority of University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) faculty and staff. Most of us, including senior leadership, will continue to work remotely until there is a significant change in the pandemic.

With the recent announcement that many local school systems will either be entirely or partially online this fall, I understand that many will be juggling child care and their current job responsibilities. I believe in a family-first approach and want parents and caregivers to know that UMB supports you, and we continue to examine possible ways in which we can assist you.

The updated COVID-19 Status of Operation and Telework Policy outlines important guidance including:

  • Three categories of operations at UMB, Low-Density (Mandatory Stay at Home Order), Moderate-Density, and Normal. We are currently in a state of Moderate-Density Operations that dramatically reduces the density of individuals on campus.
  • There are some exceptions for approved research and very limited in-person academic activities and other activities.
  • A UMB employee whose job can be performed through telework is required to do so and is considered a Mandatory Teleworker.
  • No Mandatory Teleworker should be allowed or required to return to campus unless the appropriate review processes have been completed and required approval has been obtained.
  • An employee should be permitted to work a flexible work schedule unless it is operationally important that the employee work defined hours, such as shift-work conducted by a police officer.
  • Employees needing leave for reasons related to COVID-19 may be entitled to additional leave, including advanced sick leave, consistent with temporary flexibilities issued by the University System of Maryland and federal law.

I am asking all supervisors to provide maximum flexibility to faculty and staff. Just as flexibility was key in our rapid move to telework, the upcoming fall work and school-from-home period will also require flexibility. My hope is that the extension of telework, leave updates, and flexible work schedules will provide you with key tools to be successful as you manage your professional and personal priorities.

UMB Leadership and the COVID-19 Human Resources focus area group continue to consider family issues caused by the pandemic. I invite you to share suggestions, comments, and questions about UMB's COVID-19 pandemic recovery planning to the COVID-19 Recovery Suggestion Box.

If you have any issues with or questions about telework, please reach out to Human Resources. I am proud of our strong UMB family who understands the severity of the situation we face, adapts their work, and looks for solutions and innovations.


Bruce E. Jarrell, MD, FACS
Interim President


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