Safely Exercising Your Right to Vote

October 28, 2020

To the UMB Community:
We are nearing the end of this election season. I urge you to engage in the political process by exercising your right to vote, while taking steps to mitigate your risk of COVID-19 exposure. Early voting in Maryland is available until Monday, Nov. 2. You can find more information about voting, including guidance for student organization engagement in political activity, at UMB Votes.  
Over the past few years, the country has seen increased instances of incivility and strong emotions related to political affiliation. I hope that you, as a member of the UMB community, remember our core values, especially that of civility, as we interact and communicate with each other, regardless of our politics.
Recently, the American Psychological Association conducted a survey in which it found more than two-thirds of adults identified the 2020 election as a significant source of stress. Coupled with the stress of the pandemic, it is increasingly important that we take steps to care for our mental health. The Student Counseling Center offers resources about mental health and the 2020 election. Counselors are available; please contact the Student Counseling Center or the Employee Assistance Program to schedule an appointment.
UMB values and supports the thoughtful expression and exchange of ideas, and encourages students, faculty, and staff to exercise their rights and privileges by participating in the political process.
Our mission calls for us to be active members of our community, seeking to improve the human condition. I hope that you put on a mask, practice physical distancing, and vote.
Bruce E. Jarrell, MD, FACS

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