Campus Safety

To the UMB Community:

After quite a bit of time without robberies on campus, we have in the last couple of weeks experienced a few such events: an unarmed robbery in the Grand Garage on March 28, an armed robbery in the Penn Street Garage on April 3, a robbery outside the Penn Street Garage on April 6, and just yesterday, an armed robbery at the corner of Pine and Fayette streets.

I'm deeply grateful for the hard work and swift action of our UMB Police, who have made arrests in all but the most recent incident. If you have any information about last night's robbery at Pine and Fayette streets, I urge you to call UMB Police at 410-706-6882.

In response to this uptick in robberies, which has been noted across the city, UMB Police are intensifying their patrols of our campus garages. Each garage is being checked by security and patrol units regularly, we're stepping up patrols during the morning and evening commuting hours, and we've stationed security supervisors in garages where we see a need for increased vigilance. Additionally, we're investigating technology that will restrict pedestrian access to our garages, making them more secure, and we're training garage attendants to recognize and report suspicious activity.

You can help us in our crime-prevention efforts. Each month, we issue safety tips to the UMB community because we know they work.

  • When walking, keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Don't talk or text on your cellphone when walking down the street. To thieves, phones mark you as a target for two reasons: 1) A cellphone in your hand is easy to grab; and 2) A distracted walker is an easy victim.
  • Don't use earbuds on the street.
  • At night, walk with groups of people and stay in well-lit areas.
  • Take advantage of the UMB police van and walking escort service.
  • Always secure your valuables in your office and in your car. Two thefts recently reported in the School of Nursing resulted from property being left unattended.
  • Promptly report any crime to UMB Police by calling 711 (from campus phones) or 410-706-3333 (from off-campus and cellphones).
  • If you see something, say something. If you see suspicious activity, if you see someone on campus acting strangely, pick up the phone and call UMB Police. Your tip could prevent a classmate or colleague from becoming a victim.

Protecting UMB's students, faculty, and staff is my foremost priority and that of our dedicated UMB Police Force. I thank you for doing your part to keep yourselves and your community safe.


Jay A. Perman, MD

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