The Elm Weekly One-Year Anniversary

Dear Colleagues: 

A little more than a year ago, UMB introduced The Elm Weekly, our weekly e-newsletter, as a way to provide you timely and streamlined information about University initiatives, programs, and events. Everyone at UMB is welcome to submit content for the newsletter and for the newsletter’s sister website, The Elm.

During the strategic planning process, faculty, staff, and students indicated that they’d like to receive fewer emails. I know how busy you are and how hard you work. That’s why we launched The Elm Weekly. It arrives in your inbox every Monday morning so you’ll know when and where to look for important news. In addition, it reduces the number of emails you receive, which eases the burden on our servers and decreases inbox clutter.

With the help of feedback received from focus groups, user studies, and an upcoming survey, we’ll keep improving The Elm Weekly and The Elm — to ensure that they’re user friendly and that they continue to meet your information needs. Thank you for your support. 


Jay A. Perman, MD

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