Take Part in Our Campus Climate Survey

Dear Colleagues:

We're now wrapping up UMB's 2011-2016 strategic plan, which ends June 30. The plan has guided us in our mission to improve the human condition and serve the public good.

Next week, we'll undertake one of the plan's final steps by administering a campus climate survey. Our partner in this project is Gallup, a respected, research-based global consulting organization known for its in-depth understanding of people and their opinions.

A campus climate survey is a useful tool for measuring perceptions among faculty, staff, and students. We need this survey because the University's leaders and I are committed to making UMB a best place to work and learn. We've been focused on this initiative for several years and have made progress -- improved safety patrols and a new Council for the Arts & Culture are two recent ones -- but we still need to do more.

Conducting a Universitywide assessment from which to enhance programs and initiatives is part of our strategic plan goal to "promote diversity and a culture of inclusion." This survey completes that element of the 2011-2016 plan while setting a baseline for growth -- a baseline we'll use in our upcoming five-year plan.

The survey, which is completely confidential, will illuminate your views on such issues as diversity and inclusion, job satisfaction, and campus environment. It will give us an honest, accurate snapshot of UMB today and what we need to retain or change in order to reach our "best place to work" goals.

So please participate when Gallup sends you an email in the next few days inviting you to take part. The invitation will include your survey Access Code and a link to Gallup's website, where you can complete the survey. You should be able to respond to the survey in five to 15 minutes. We've also arranged for Gallup to provide phone and email support if you have any questions.

Your opinion deserves to be heard. Thank you for participating in this climate survey and for your commitment to UMB's success.


Jay A. Perman

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