Sponsored Projects Procedures

Visiting Scientist or Scholar Agreement

Research, Sponsored Projects   |   Approved October 9, 2015


Ensure compliance and execute Visiting Scientist Agreement (VSA).


Faculty and their department administrators who will have visitors (not on UMB payroll) who will need a Campus OneCard or will not otherwise be accompanied by UMB faculty or staff while at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). 

Concerns regarding visitors on campus include access to confidential and proprietary materials, safety and liability concerns, training requirements, and intellectual property.


  1. Faculty and department administrators will work with their Human Resources liaison to verify department and School requirements for long-term visitors.
  2. International visitors must obtain a visa appropriate for the proposed activities at UMB. Faculty and department administrators will work with the Office of International Services to obtain advice and services related to visas for international visitors.
  3. The Visiting Scientist Agreement(VSA) is completed by the host department and sent to the proposed visitor for signatures. Scanned and emailed signatures are acceptable.
    1. The visitor’s “Home Organization” is the  organization to which the visitor will report while at UMB and/or to which the visitor will return after the visit. If this is not applicable (as is the case with many postdoctoral fellows), leave those lines blank.
  4. When the VSA has been signed and return by the proposed visitor, the UMB Department Chair, Center Director, or Institute Director signs the VSA.
  5. The VSA is then sent to Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA). If the department is requesting a J-1 Scholar visa for the visitor, a copy of the J-1 visa request form should accompany the VSA. Otherwise, the VSA Questionnaire should be completed and submitted with the VSA.
  6. If the visitor or the visitor’s Home Organization has requested modifications to the VSA, SPA will review and negotiate as required. For international visitors, an export compliance review will be carried out.
  7. Upon resolution of any issues raised in review, a SPA authorized official signs the VSA and returns a copy via email to the host department contact.
  8. To extend the period of time or make other changes for an active VSA, use the VSA Modification or Extension. Email the completed form to SPA, for signature on behalf of UMB.


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