Sponsored Projects Procedures

Export Controls Checklist

Research, Sponsored Projects   |   Approved October 9, 2015


Checklist of “red flags” to identify activities that may require review for compliance with federal export control regulations and sanctions.


Investigators and administrators who have international collaborators, including foreign nationals in the United States. For more information on this topic, review the website on Export Compliance.


  1. Use this checklist of items to identify activities and transactions that may require compliance review by the university’s Export Compliance Officers.
  2. Routine procedures
    1. Form I-129 Visa Petition certification for prospective foreign national employees
    2. International subrecipients
    3. International visitors (visiting scientists/scholars)
  3. Other activities and transactions
    1. Review for international travel may be requested. Concerns include traveling with certain items and equipment.
    2. International subrecipients are routinely reviewed when the subaward is to be issued. Review may be requested during proposal development.
    3. Request review for physical export of chemicals, miccroorganisms, biotoxins, pathogens.
    4. Request review for physical export of equipment.
    5. International visitors on campus (such as conference attendees) not covered by routine procedures will be reviewed on request.
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