Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Mandatory Annual Laboratory Safety Training

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


Register for annual laboratory safety training, which includes training on bloodborne pathogens, laboratory chemical safety, and hazardous waste.


This instruction applies to employees, students, or volunteers reasonably anticipated to have laboratory duties at a UMB facility.  This includes assigned work, volunteer tasks, academic programs and practicum experiences. 

Lab safety training includes the following modules: Bloodborne Pathogens, Laboratory Chemical Safety, and Hazardous Waste. Training is to be completed at initial assignment to tasks where occupational exposure may occur and repeated every twelve months. New employees that work in a laboratory must take the initial classroom course prior to working in a laboratory. Annual laboratory training may be completed in the classroom or online.


For new employees or those newly assigned to laboratory duties, register for initial laboratory safety training in the EHS classroom

  1. Register for Classroom Training through the EHS training website.
  2. Training records will be retained through the Learning Hub.  To review records, see Review EHS Training Management System Records Procedure

For current employees, having previously attended initial laboratory safety training, complete annual laboratory safety training online.

  1. Login online through the MyEHS portal.
  2. After completing training, complete the course exam.
  3. Training records will be retained through the Learning Hub.  To review records see Review EHS Training Management System Employee Records Procedure.
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