Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


Obtain or decline Hepatitis B Vaccine in conjunction with work at UMB facility.


Employees, students, or volunteers on campus reasonably anticipated to have contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials in performance of their duties at a UMB facility.  This includes assigned work, volunteer tasks, academic programs, and practicum experiences. 

While Hepatitis B vaccinations are required to be offered by UMB, they may be declined.


Obtain Hepatitis B Vaccine

  1. Contact UMaryland Immediate Care (UMIC) for an appointment at 667-214-1899 or by email Student Health.  Additional information regarding the UMIC hours and location can be found on EHS’s Hepatitis B Vaccine Info website.
    • An employee’s department is responsible for the cost of the vaccination. Employees should be provided a completed JE Form that includes the appropriate chartstring and account information for the department that will pay for the vaccination.  Employees must bring the completed JE form to UMIC and  will be asked to present this information prior to receiving their vaccination. 

  2. After receiving the vaccination, please retain information for personal records.

Decline Hepatitis B Vaccine

  1. Complete Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination form.  Record should be retained with Principle Investigator.
  2. If you have previously received the vaccination or wish to discuss the matter further you may wish to contact UMIC.
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