Public Safety Policies


UMB Non-Smoking Policy

Public Safety   |   Approved October 13, 2020

Responsible VP/AVP

Dawn M. Rhodes, DBA, MBA

Applies to Faculty, Staff, Students

Revision History

Approved by the President effective September 1986; Revised May 1995, January 1999, January 5, 2009, June 18, 2012, November 12, 2013, and June 29, 2015.

Policy Statement

I           Purpose:


Consistent with applicable State and local laws and regulations regarding smoking, and in keeping with its health and human services mission, the University of Maryland, Baltimore, the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), the BioPark, University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc., the professional associations of the Medical Service Plan, the professional associations of the Faculty Dental Service Plan, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Entities) seek to prevent adverse health effects and adopt this policy regulating smoking. This non-smoking policy is intended to protect and enhance outdoor and indoor air quality in and around the Entities.   

Nonsmoking individuals are discouraged from starting to smoke. Smokers are encouraged to stop smoking.


II         Definitions

The University District includes all the Entities’ owned, leased or managed buildings within the borders of Saratoga Street, Pratt Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and Eutaw Street and Booth Street to Fairmont Street and N. Poppelton Street to Martin Luther King Boulevard.


III        Policy

This policy applies to all Entity faculty, staff (medical and administrative), students, contractors, affiliates, clients and patients, and visitors to the University District or at other facilities owned or leased by the Entities within the University District.


1.      It is the intent of the Entities to assist smokers in reducing the use of tobacco and nicotine products, including e-cigarettes, by providing access to cessation programs and support from the non-smoking community. 

a.       The Medical Center offers a free smoking cessation program through its Step Up to Good Health Program for all benefitted employees. Information/assistance with smoking cessation can be found on a free 1-800-quit line.   

b.      The VAMC offers free smoking cessation programs to all employees of the VAMC.

c.       The University of Maryland Baltimore offers the State of Maryland smoking cessation program “”  to all faculty, staff and students. This program is provided free of charge.


2.      The following acts are prohibited:

a.       Smoking in any Entity owned, leased, or controlled buildings or facilities, whether or not located in the University District.

b.      Smoking on University District property other than approved and signed smoking zones.

c.       Smoking in any Entity owned or leased vehicles (or vehicles owned by University District contractors that are parked on property of an Entity)(vehicles include any motorized vehicle).

d.      Smoking in meetings, conferences, or training sessions hosted by any of the Entities.

e.       Selling or distributing tobacco products within the University District from a retail facility in a location owned, leased or controlled by one of the Entities.


3.      Facilities Management at the respective institutions will post and maintain signage prohibiting smoking and identifying any designated smoking zones.  Designated smoking zones are identified in the appendix and may be changed from time to time at the discretion of the Entities by collective action 

4.      Smoking refuse, such as cigarette butts, must be disposed of in ash urns or other containers specifically designed for such disposal.

5.      Enforcement and Communication:


a.       Faculty, staff, students, and visitors (including contractors, clients and patients) are expected to advise others of the smoking prohibition. This Policy relies on the politeness, thoughtfulness, cooperation, and common sense of smokers and non-smokers alike. However, non-compliance or repeated observed infractions of this Policy should be reported as soon as possible. If the infraction occurs at the University, a supervisor or manager should be notified. If the infraction occurs at UMMC or VAMC, hospital security should be contacted.

b.      Facilities Management of each Entity will inform contractors of this Policy and take appropriate action against contractors that fail to comply with this Policy. Human Resource Services of each Entity (or the appropriate administrative office) will advise faculty and staff of this Policy. The University Schools will advise their students of this Policy. The Medical Center will communicate this Policy widely through various venues, such as the “UMMC Leadership for Change” meeting, all hospital, medical staff, and nursing publications, and all departmental specific meetings. The Director of Security will communicate this Policy to all police and security personnel. 


6.      Potential conflicts resulting from the implementation of this Policy are to be reported to Human Resource Services (or the appropriate administrative unit) of the Entity or Entities involved in the potential conflict. Requests for signage or concerns about signage should be directed to the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations of the University.


Designated Smoking Areas

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