Information Technology Policies


UMB IT Anti-Virus Policy

Information Technology   |   Approved September 11, 2017   |   Reviewed April 30, 2024

Responsible VP/AVP

Peter J. Murray, PhD, CAS, MS

Revision History

Approved September 11, 2017, Last Reviewed May 1, 2019


Policy Statement

Incorrectly configured or absent anti-virus software on campus workstations and servers has become one of the greatest threats to the campus network community.  It is imperative that we take a proactive approach in making sure that all computers connected to the campus network are properly configured and protected with anti-virus technology. 


To protect every system connected to the campus network from infection by viruses, worms, trojans, and other malicious software.


This policy applies to every workstation physically (including wireless) connected to any part of the campus network.


To comply with the University System of Maryland (USM) IT Security Standards which requires USM institutions to implement formal controls on all institutionally owned systems that store and/or access non-public information.


Standard virus protection programs must be installed, updated, and maintained on all desktop computers / laptops and servers. These programs must be:

  • configured to run checks for viruses at startup and operate in memory-resident mode to check for viruses during normal processing; and
  • updated as soon as updates are available from the vendor.


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