Human Resource Services (HRS) Procedures

Tuition Remission for Retirees

Human Resources, Human Resource Services   |   Approved January 5, 2021


Apply for tuition remission as a retired employee.


Retirees that are eligible for tuition remission and are admitted to schools within the University System of Maryland and reciprocal institutions (Morgan State University, St. Mary’s College of Maryland and Baltimore City Community College) may apply for tuition remission. Tuition Remission is a waiver of tuition and applies to tuition only for credited courses; all non-tuition expenses and fees are the responsibility of the student.

For more information regarding these services please review the Tuition Remission website or contact the HR Benefits Office at: 410-706-2616.


It is recommended applicants print and retain copies of all application materials including printing a copy of this instruction page for their personal records.

  1. Review the tuition deadlines and restrictions for the attending school.  Current deadlines and restriction are kept on the HRS Tuition Remission webpage.
  2. Complete the UMB Retiree Tuition Remission Online Request Form.
  3. Once the initial online request form is submitted, download and print the USM Request for Tuition Remission form, the IRS Form W-4, and Retiree Spouse Dependent Taxability Form Letter.
  4. Complete the USM Request for Tuition Remission form and the IRS Form W-4.   Please contact a tax professional if you have questions about completing the IRS Form W-4.
  5. Review the Retiree Spouse Dependent Taxability W-4 Form Letter.
  6. Print and review the Tuition Remission Tax Chart A.
  7. Save a copy of the completed forms for your personal records.
  8. If request is being submitted past the date indicated on the Tuition Remission Deadline Chart for the attending school, supporting documentation explaining the reason for late request must be attached to the Tuition Remission Request/Affidavit A.   The Tuition Remission Request and written late request justification will require UMB Benefits approval of eligibility and support of late request reason with final approval granted by the attending school.
  9. Scan and submit completed and signed Tuition Remission Request, Affidavit A, IRS Form W-4 form, and written late request justification (if applicable) to:
  10. Ensure copies of the completed Tuition Remission Request, Tuition Remission Affidavit A, and IRS Form W-4 are kept for personal records.
  11. If you have any questions regarding Tuition Remission, please contact the HR Benefits Office at: 410-706-2616.

Important Tax Reminder: The value of some tuition remission benefits may be considered taxable income per IRS guidelines. Retirees will be billed by the University of Maryland, Baltimore Central Billing Office for the tax on any taxable tuition remission benefit.

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