Office of the Controller Procedures

Research Study Participant Payments

Financial Affairs, Office of the Controller   |   Approved May 5, 2016


Establish instructions and guidelines for UMB Operational Units to use when compensating research study participants and complying with reconciliation requirements in accordance with UMB policy VIII-99.00 (B) Research Study Participant Payments.


UMB Operational Units (schools, departments, divisions) requesting payments in the form of cash, checks, or gift cards as compensation to research study participants. 


UPDATED August 26, 2022 to add the Addendum.


UPDATED August 29, 2019 to include the following:

  1. Definition of Research Study Participant (page 1).
  2. Clarified the required elements on the study participant log (pages 1-2).
  3. Updated the email address for the Form 1099-MISC information file related to gift card recipients (page 3).
  4. Added language throughout to address the frequency of cash/gift card counts:  initial funding, whenever funds are added to the inventory, and at the end of the study or the disbursements period.
  5. Added information on electronic gift cards (pages 5-6).
  6. Added language throughout to emphasize that gift cards are subject to the same controls as cash.

Click the following link for instructions on requesting and processing compensation for research study participants:

Financial Services Standard Operating Procedure No. 3706 - Research Study Participant Payments

Forms can be obtained from the Financial Services website


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