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Central Administration Support Services (CASS) Request

Administration, Facilities   |   Approved September 1, 2015


Submit a request to the Central Administration Support Services (CASS) for assistance.


CASS is a shared services group that supports administrative departments on the University campus.  This initiative is being phased in over several years to insure a successful transition to this new business model.  The list of departments that have already moved to this new model can be found at:  Campus Departments Supported by Central Administration Support Services.  

This service center consolidates expertise in the administration of Payroll, Human Resources, Budget, Financial Administration, Travel, Purchasing, and Property Insurance Claims to provide guidance and direct support for specific campus departments. The services provided allow these departments to better utilize resources to focus on their primary objectives, see Services for additional details.


  1. Ensure your office is one of the supported departments by reviewing the CASS website. (Requests directed to CASS must originate from a supported campus department.)
  2. The preferred method is to submit a request through the online CASS Request Form. Questions can be referred to the CASS mailbox for assistance.
  3. Include the following information in the request:
    1. Type of request and brief summary of the situation,
    2. Department name and contact information,
    3. Applicable Chart String Information-PCBU and/or Project ID,
    4. Indication of any deadlines or urgency of request, and
    5. Attachments if available of any supporting documents.
      1. Request Forms are available for CASS, including a Supply Order Form.
  4. Once a request has been submitted by a supported department, the appropriate CASS staff member will use the contact information provided to respond to the request within one business day.
  5. If no response is received within one business day than an employee may directly contact the Administrative Director of CASS for further assistance.
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