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UMB Policy on International Safety and Security

Administration   |   Approved April 18, 2023

Responsible VP/AVP

Dawn M. Rhodes, DBA, MBA

Applies to Faculty, Staff, Students


The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is committed to engaging in best practices to reduce the risk of harm to those traveling and working for UMB outside the United States. This Policy directs and guides all members of the UMB community (“UMB Personnel” – see Definitions) regarding support and mitigation measures UMB will have in place to further that commitment.

Policy Statement

Primacy of Life over Assets: It is the policy of UMB that the Safety and Security of UMB Personnel always take precedence over all other factors. This means UMB Operational Units must give higher priority to the health, safety, and security of UMB Personnel than to protection of operations/programs, facilities, equipment, or reputation. UMB’s commitment includes:

  • Understanding and assessing international threats, vulnerabilities, and risks
  • Planning for and mitigating risks to UMB Personnel and assets under UMB’s control outside the United States
  • Clearly communicating to UMB Personnel about international risks
  • Preparing UMB Personnel to minimize the probability and impact of a threat or an incident outside the United States
  • Ensuring that incident management addresses post-incident care for UMB Personnel

Commitment to Safety and Security: UMB is committed to creating a culture of effective and pragmatic Safety and Security risk management across all international operations. UMB seeks to create this culture by establishing reasonable, sustainable measures to mitigate recognized international risks; by integrating Safety and Security risk-management principles into international research and program design and delivery; by empowering UMB Personnel to make responsible decisions through a better understanding of the complex environments in which UMB operates; and, by investing appropriate resources to develop innovative tools and systems that aid program management to minimize Safety and Security risks to UMB Personnel while maximizing the impact of UMB research and other programs outside the United States.
UMB will not undertake or continue international activities that cannot operate without adequate Safety and Security measures, as determined by UMB leadership and Safety and Security subject matter experts in International Operations and the Office of Emergency Management.

Right to Withdraw: UMB may withdraw its authorization for continuing to conduct an international activity in an area, zone, or country at any time if UMB determines that safety of UMB Personnel requires such action. This may include Evacuation and Relocation. Refusal by UMB Personnel to evacuate or relocate may result in their dismissal from employment or other disciplinary action. Regardless of the reason, UMB Personnel and their dependents refusing an Evacuation or Relocation order should be aware that such individuals are remaining at their personal risk and that UMB is not responsible for their safety and well-being or resulting financial losses incurred by them.

If a UMB Personnel is uncomfortable with the level of safety or security risk imposed on them by their international work, then a review should be undertaken between that person and their supervisor in order to determine an appropriate course of action. Safety and Security subject matter experts in International Operations are available for consultation in this review.

UMB Personnel may choose to withdraw from a situation that they feel poses an unreasonable level of risk. Although there could be consequences for a decision to withdraw, no manager or other UMB Personnel should force, intimidate, or otherwise coerce another employee or other UMB Personnel into remaining in a situation that the person considers to involve an unreasonable risk to the person’s safety. UMB Personnel are obliged to report to the next appropriate level of management or directly to UMB International Operations any instructions they consider threatening to themselves or those around them.

Core Requirements:

  • UMB Personnel must immediately report to UMB International Operations all Safety and Security incidents that take place outside the United States and involve UMB Personnel and/or UMB property. This obligation includes but is not limited to criminal acts committed against UMB Personnel and all vehicular crashes, even if no one was injured and the damage to property is deemed minimal. Reportable incidents include “near-misses.”
  • UMB Personnel on official UMB business outside the United States must adhere to the key elements of UMB policies and procedures that reduce the risk of harm to those working for and with UMB. These include requirements associated with international travel, environmental health and safety, and emergency management.


  • Evacuation – Where expatriate and third-country-national personnel (and possibly their families and/or UMB assets) are removed from a crisis area and taken across an international border.
  • Relocation – Where personnel (and possibly their families and/or UMB assets) are moved to a safer location within the country.
  • Safety and Security – Security is primarily concerned with intentional acts of violence and other harm, while safety is primarily concerned with unintentional, natural, or accidental acts or events
  • UMB Operational Unit – An administrative unit, school, department, division, institute, or center of the university.
  • UMB Personnel - All UMB employees, full‐time and part‐time, including faculty, staff, and student employees; students; and consultants.
  • UMB Policy on Business Travel for UMB Employees and Nonemployees
  • USM Policy on Enterprise Risk Management
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