Administration Policies


UMB Policy on Advertising


Responsible VP/AVP

Roger Ward, EdD, JD, MSL, MPA

Policy Statement

The following procedures have been established by the Offices of Procurement and Supply, Human Resources Management, and Financial Services for recruitment advertisements (regardless of fund source) for non-faculty positions in the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post and The Chronicle of Higher Education:

  1. A department wanting to advertise in one or more of the publications noted above, should complete a standard purchase requisition form and indicate the publication(s) in which the ad is to appear.
  2. The purchase requisition should be sent directly to Human Resources Management. It may be sent along with the related position requisition form or at some later time.
  3. The purchase requisition will serve as authorization for Human Resources Management to place the ad. However, the funds will not be encumbered. After placement, a copy of each ad will be sent to the department by Human Resources Management with the exact cost noted. Human Resources Management will place these ads under a blanket purchase agreement with each of the publications. The requesting department's account will automatically be charged for the cost of each ad via a journal voucher entry.

All other advertisements (non-faculty recruitment ads in publications not noted above, faculty recruitment ads, programs, activities, events, and services) shall be placed following the normal procurement requisition process through the Office of Procurement and Supply.

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