COVID-19 Survey Resources

COVID-19 Resources

University of Maryland, Baltimore COVID-19 Site

University System of Maryland COVID-19 Site

Maryland Higher Education Commission COVID-19 Site

U.S. Department of Education COVID-19 Site

UMB COVID-19 Surveys

Faculty Surveys

Spring 2020 Experience Survey (May 20 - June 3):

Narrated PowerPoint Presentation via YouTube

PowerPoint Presentation

UMB Faculty Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Faculty Responses by School:

Carey Law Faculty Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Dentistry Faculty Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Graduate School Faculty Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

HSHSL Faculty Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Medicine Faculty Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Nursing Faculty Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Pharmacy Faculty Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Social Work Faculty Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Student Surveys

Spring 2020 Experience Survey (June 2 - June 24):

PowerPoint Presentation

UMB Student Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Student Responses by School:

Carey Law Student Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Dentistry Student Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Graduate School Student Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Medicine Student Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Nursing Student Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Pharmacy Student Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Social Work Student Responses to COVID-19 Experience Survey

Staff Surveys

Spring 2020 Experience Survey (June):

 Staff COVID-19 and Remote Work Survey Presentation

Survey Templates/Resources

Qualtrics COVID-19 Survey Support Main Page  Qualtrics has some templates that you can import into your UMB Qualtrics account and customize.  The following are pages that walk you through how to set up and customize the respective Qualtrics templates listed:  Remote Educator Pulse, Higher Ed Remote Learning Pulse, Remote + On-Site Work Pulse, Healthcare Workforce Pulse, Supply Continuity Pulse.  Information about other surveys not listed here can be found on the main page.

SurveyMonkey COVID-19 Templates  SurveyMonkey’s 8-step guide to launching a coronavirus employee survey program. 

HEDS COVID-19 Institutional Response Surveys  The Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) has provided survey instruments for student surveys, staff surveys, and faculty surveys.  HEDS can also administer the survey for institutions (see the bottom of the main link for more information).

Educause DIY Survey Kit  This kit focuses on remote work and learning experiences and provides some sample questions. It is divided into three sections:  students, faculty, and staff.

Campus Labs COVID-19 Resouce Center  Contains best practices, survey templates, and much more information for a variety of subject matter, including student feedback and course feedback, amongst others.   

Ithaka SR Student Survey Not a true template, rather an administered survey aimed at students.  Cost is covered for first 20 institutions registered, $4000 for 4-year institutions after 20 institutions have registered.  The survey instrument can be found here.  

Other Institution Surveys to Students

Georgetown University COVID-19 Student Impact Survey  This is an active survey and GU regularly updates data and published results on the site.

Results of Surveys to Institutions

How Teaching Changed in the (Forced) Shift to Remote Learning  From Inside Higher Ed.  New survey documents how professors view this spring's mass move to virtual courses. Key findings: most used new teaching methods, half lowered their expectations for the volume of student work -- and a third for its quality.  (added 4/22/2020)

International Association of Universities (IAU) Survey of Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education Administered to IAU member institutions to gauge direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 on higher education.

Wiley Education Services, Inside Higher Ed:  Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis Survey  A research report from Inside Higher Ed and Hanover Research.  Identifies the concerns and challenges colleges and universities are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.   Requires registration to download the free report.  This survey is also discussed on the Inside Higher Ed web site.

EDUCAUSE COVID-19 QuickPoll Results: Grading and Proctoring  Results of a survey designed to address course grading and exam proctoring to maintain educational continuity.

ABC Insights/Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU)  A PDF version of results from the COVID-19 Strategy Survey of AACU Presidents. 

General Information Beneficial to Higher Education

The Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation at the University System of Maryland provides a wealth of resources, some of which are tailored to Maryland institutions.  Of particular interest may be this document pertaining to online privacy.   

The Chronicle of Higher Education Coronavirus Special Report  The Chronicle has several articles about COVID-19’s effect on institutions of Higher Learning.  Some articles are free, some require registration, and some require a paid subscription.  

Inside Higher Ed Coronavirus Coverage   Articles on COVID-19 of interest to the higher education community.  

HEDS COVID-19 Response Information Lists resources for member institutions, including a COVID-19 responses spreadsheet, listserv, institutional response survey, and data exchange. Must be a member of the consortium to access most resources.

CUPAHR COVID-19 Resources   Provides information on Emergency Relief Legislation, Employee Health, Well-Being, and Productivity, and Crisis Management and Business Continuity.

Northeast Association of Istitutional Research (NEAIR) has a COVID-19 resources page that addresses professional, technical, and personal mental health issues. (added 4/24/2020)

Huron Consulting Resources for Higher Education Leaders Navigating COVID-19 Response  Provides information to help institutions “simultaneously engage in efforts to respond promptly,  manage effectively during change and demonstrate new ways to strengthen academic quality and services aligned to support and advance the core mission.”

MSCHE Response to COVID-19  Information provided by MSCHE as a resource for institutions, peer evaluators, and the public as to the latest communications, policy waivers, and guidance.

Southern New Hampshire University SNHU delivers multiple videos and documents to support other institutions as they implement fully online learning. 

American Association of University Professors provides resources for AAUP members and others in the higher education community and “stresses the importance of faculty participation in the development of institutional responses to the coronavirus.”    

Hanover Research   presents information on the transition to online learning and offers custom research solutions.

Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) “provides insights, resources, and solutions to help institutions address the serious challenges brought on by COVID-19.”

Educause’s COVID-19 Resource Page  “was created to help higher education institutions plan for possible campus disruption by COVID-19…”  This site includes results from polls and presents webinars and videos to help higher education institutions navigate the crisis.

National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO)  has created a page “devoted to resources that specifically address college and university business office operations and responses to disruptions caused by coronavirus.”  Weekly update information is included in the form of Telephone Town Halls and COVID-19 Webcast Series.

SurveyMonkey – Webinar for Supporting Students through distance-learning during the COVID-19 crisis  SurveyMonkey “asked 955 students how faculty and staff can best support them during this unprecedented time, and what they need to be successful in an online learning environment.”

The National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy Thoughts on incorporating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into COVID-19 recovery and growth.

linkedin  While not created specifically for higher education, LinkedIn has a page dedicated to optimizing working remotely.  A LinkedIn “badge of completion” can be earned for completing all of the modules. 

Non-Higher Education Surveys

UMD Joint Program in Survey Methodology University of Maryland researchers are teaming up with Facebook to provide the survey methodology muscle needed to obtain a much-needed global view of the worldwide COVID-19 crisis—where it’s growing, where it’s abating and where the next hot spot could develop. (added 4/30/2020)

CUNY/Emerson College Survey to New Yorkers  The CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Emerson College are collaborating on a COVID-19 Tracking Survey to assess how New Yorkers are responding to the pandemic.  This is an ongoing weekly survey and the site posts the past and current results. 

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