Affordability of Professional Programs

In 2018, UMB concluded the first phase of a project involving the Office of Operations and Planning (now the Office of the Provost) and the Office of University Student Financial Assistance, aided by the consultant HelioCampus, to better understand the relationships among various cost and income factors impacting opportunities for students from all geographic and socioeconomic areas of the state to participate in UMB programs and pursue professions of their choosing. Initial findings and recommendations for further research were presented at the 2017 North East Association for Institutional Research Annual Conference and the 2018 Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum.  The second phase of this project was concluded in 2020.


UMB Affordability Presentation

UMB Affordability Study Phase 1 Report

UMB Affordability Study Phase 2 Report

UMB Affordability - A Case Study