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Reminder - Human Subjects Research Remains in Stage 2 of Resumption Plan

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Aug. 25, 2020

Dear Colleagues:

University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Interim President Bruce E. Jarrell approved, effective immediately, the initiation of Stage 2 for Clinical and Community-based Human Subjects Research.

The following activities (both Stage 1 and Stage 2) are now permitted to resume with the appropriate preparation and approvals as described in the Guidelines for Resuming Human Subjects Research found here:

Stage 1 activities permitted with approval:

  • Minimal-risk studies that are remote or no contact.
  • Research with potential for direct benefit to the research subjects that  requires in-person visits to UMB-related facilities.

Stage 2 activities permitted with approval:

  • Research with no potential for direct benefit to the research subjects that  requires in-person visits to UMB-related facilities.

A decision to move to Stage 2 was based primarily on the safe and successful implementation of research activities in Stage 1.  At all stages, we will continue to monitor our ability to protect the health and safety of everyone involved.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Julie Doherty, DM, MSN, director, Human Research Protections Program, or Robert Rosenthal, MD, chair, Institutional Review Board.

Additionally, the following contacts are provided to assist with other issues that may arise as researchers plan to restart activities:

  • Space modifications for health/safety purposes: Melissa Morland, Operations Maintenance;
  • Parking issues: Robert Milner and Angela Hall, Parking and Transportation Services;
  • Cleaning/custodial services: Denise Meyer, Environmental Services;
  • Space standards for physical distancing: Luke Mowbray, Real Estate, Planning, and Space Management.


Laurie E. Locascio, PhD

Vice President for Research, University of Maryland

Chair, UMB Research Advisory Task Force


Margaret M. McCarthy, PhD

Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacology, University of Maryland School of Medicine 

Deputy Chair, UMB Research Advisory Task Force


Susan Buskirk, DM, MS

Vice President, Chief Accountability Officer and Institutional Official

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