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CICERO New Login Instructions

NEW!!  The way you log on to CICERO will change when you sign on Tuesday, September 25th, 2019.  Here’s how: 

  1. If you have an existing CICERO account AND a UMID (the same ID you use to submit or approve a timesheet, log on to Kuali, etc.), click the Employee Login button on the CICERO login screen.  You will sign on using your UMID then, to link the UMID to your CICERO account, you will be prompted to enter your CICERO credentials.  If a match can be made, you will be logged on to CICERO.  You only need to enter your UMID and Cicero credentials one time to map your accounts.  Subsequent logons will use the UMID logon only.   
  1. If you have an existing CICERO Account but you do not have a UMID, your logon experience changes slightly.  Click the Non-Employee Login button.  Then sign on using your existing CICERO credentials.
  1. If you have a UMID but you have never signed on to CICERO, you must first request a CICERO account.  Click on the Create Account link at the bottom of the CICERO Home screen.  Once the CICERO account has been created, you may use your UMID to access CICERO. 
  1. If you have a UMID and a CICERO account but a match cannot be found after you complete Step 1, above, contact the help desk.  We will need to manually match the CICERO account to your UMID account.    

NOTE:  Since CICERO is connected to the UMID, all UMB employees will be prompted to use Duo, a Campus security requirement.  If you haven’t enrolled in Duo, review the requirements here:

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