June 2021 Newsletter

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Globe with connecting lines between continents with text of UMB Global Health Summit Decolonizing Global Health Education
UMB Global Health Summit: Decolonizing Global Health Education

The Global Health Summit planning team extends our deep gratitude to everyone who attended and participated in the UMB Global Health Summit: Decolonizing Global Health Education May 25-27. We were gratified by the active chat, fearless questions, and stark personal experiences shared during the summ

Now Accepting Applications for GLOBALtimore Teaching Fellowship

The Center for Global Engagement is now accepting applications for GLOBALtimore Teaching Fellowship for 2021-22.

Global Profile

Photo of student wearing a medical jacket with a tree in the background
UM Medical Student Leads Way on COVID Humanitarian Aid to India

After spending a year teaching in India and participation in the UMB Global Health Summit last month, Dhruv Shah knew he needed to do something to help the COVID-19 humanitarian crisis in India. He not only raised $4,000 but also secured $4.5 million in medical supplies/equipment from UMMS.