July 2020 Newsletter

  • Virtual Face to Face with Dr. Bruce Jarrell

    "The Global Fight Against Infectious Disease"

"The Global Fight Against Infectious Disease" Virtual Face to Face with Dr. Bruce Jarrell

Join Dr. Bruce Jarrell and the UMB community tomorrow for the next Virtual Face to Face focused on "The Global Fight Against Infectious Disease."

CGE News

Letter to International Students

You have probably heard the news that U.S. Immigration and Customs issued a rule on July 6, 2020 that international students will not be able to take ONLY online courses and remain legally in the U.S. this fall. We understand that these are stressful times, so please know you are welcome and valued

CGE's Online List of Global Opportunities for Students

Check out the center's list of training and funding opportunities divided by school. Many of the programs have been delayed due to COVID-19, so we included new virtual opportunities as well.

UMB Global News

UNICEF and Ciheb Rwanda Partner to Address HIV in Young Women and Children

Ciheb Rwanda and UNICEF are partnering to train and mentor healthcare providers in Rwanda and build local capacity in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

External Global News & Opportunities

"Health and Medical Education Challenges in the Middle East: Syria as a Case Study"

The Academy of Health Sciences in Syria will provide an overview of how medical higher education in the Middle East is affected by war and the effects of the Arab Spring.

"Lessons on Global Learning from Higher Education's Response to a Global Crisis" AAC&U 2020 Conference on Global Learning

The worldwide spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically heightened awareness of the importance of global learning for all. The methods, mindsets, and interdependent nature of global learning have become increasingly relevant.

"Addressing Critical Gaps in Global Health and Development" CUGH Conference 2021

More than 1,800 scientists and students from academia, NGOs, government and the private sector will present, learn, and collaborate to address some of the pressing challenges our world faces at this annual must[attend event on global health.

COVID-19 Resources

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UMB's COVID-19 Resources

For the latest information and resources on COVID-19 at UMB, check out the university's FAQs and community guidance.

CUGH COVID-19 Weekly Newsletter

Stay up-to-date on COVID-19 with CUGH's weekly newsletter, including teaching resources, articles and webinars focused on the global pandemic.