National Associations and Public Agencies

Administration for Community Living - It includes information designed for older Americans and their families as well as those concerned about providing the opportunities and services to enrich the lives of older persons and support their independence.

Alzheimer's Association - is dedicated to preventing and treating the cognitive decline of Alzheimer's disease, and to providing practical, up-to-the-minute information to empower Alzheimer's caregivers to manage the disease more confidently, effectively, and economically.

American Association of Retired Persons - AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to helping older Americans achieve lives of independence, dignity and purpose. AARP excels as a dynamic presence in every community, shaping and enriching the experience of aging for each member and for society.

American Federation for Aging Research - Since 1981, the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) has helped scientists begin and further careers in aging research and geriatric medicine. Their mission is to promote healthier aging through biomedical research.

American Geriatrics Society - The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) has a special interest in protecting the rights of older persons, including those who become unable to make decisions for themselves. While the goal should always be to respect patient preferences, doctors and families are often unsure what the patient would prefer in a given situation.

American Public Health Association - APHA brings together researchers, health service providers, administrators, teachers, and other health workers in a unique, multidisciplinary environment of professional exchange, study, and action. APHA is concerned with a broad set of issues affecting personal and environmental health, including federal and state funding for health programs, pollution control, programs and policies related to chronic and infectious diseases, a smoke-free society by the year 2000, and professional education in public health.

American Society on Aging - Enhancing the knowledge and skills of those working with older adults and their families.

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists - The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) is the only international professional society devoted to optimal medication management and improved health outcomes for all older persons. Founded in 1969, ASCP is a non-profit membership organization currently based in Alexandria, VA.

ASCP represents over 9,000 pharmacy professionals, including students, serving the unique medication needs of the senior population. Our members range in the services they provide and serve seniors in a variety of settings.

Association for Gerontology Education in Social Work - The Association for Gerontology Education in Social Work provides leadership and assistance to social work educational programs and professionals in order to advocate for the integration of gerontological content in undergraduate and social work education, to promote the teaching of gerontology to all social workers, and to develop both short and long-term perspectives in relevant curricular developments.

Association for Gerontology in Higher Education - The Association for Gerontology in Higher Education is a national organization devoted primarily to gerontologic and geriatrics education. It is an educational unit of The Gerontological Society of America.

Gerontological Society of America - The Gerontological Society of America was established in 1945 to promote the scientific study of aging, to encourage exchanges among researchers and practitioners from various disciplines related to gerontology, and to foster the use of gerontological research in forming public policy. While the Society has grown in numbers and scope along with the field, the founding mission remains the Society's principal concern today.

MedlinePlus - The website provides information from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

National Council on Aging

National Institute on Aging - The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is one of the National Institutes of Health, the principal biomedical research agency of the United States Government. The NIA promotes healthy aging by conducting and supporting biomedical, social, and behavioral research and public education.

Toothwisdom - A resource for health professionals, care givers and older adults.