Our aging population is having a major effect on the practice of pharmacy. In addition to medication therapy management in older adults, pharmacy practitioners have the opportunity to prevent medication-related problems and to do so in a variety of health care settings. Pharmacists play a vital role in the community and during geriatric care transitions as they help reduce problems associated with adverse drug events, perform medication reconciliation during transitions of care, and facilitate communication between care providers.

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (UMSOP) is a leader in pharmacy education, patient care, and scientific discovery. In addition to their academic programs, which range from the Doctor of Pharmacy program to a graduate certificate in Palliative Care, UMSOP also offers s one year post-doctoral residency in geriatric pharmacy and a two year Geriatric Pharmacotherapy Fellowship program. Both programs are offered through the Peter Lamy Center on Drug Therapy and Aging at UMSOP.