CURE Spotlights 2021


Logan Lineburg bio

Logan Lineburg is a senior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), studying Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.

He first joined the UMB CURE Scholars program as a volunteer mentor in Fall 2018, and since then has loved every Saturday that he has spent with the scholars! As a first-generation college student himself, Logan strives to inspire and help guide these bright young people from his local community and hopes to continue mentoring in his future career as a physician-scientist.

Q: Why did you choose to serve as a mentor with the UMB CURE Scholars Program?

A: I began mentoring in fall 2018 through my First-Year Experience course as a Meyerhoff Scholar and fell in love with the program! Working with Baltimore’s students is great. It is encouraging to find so many scholars who love to do math and keep asking for more problems.

Q: What is the importance of mentorship to you?

A: With the internet at our fingers, information is not difficult to obtain. For me, mentorship is important because you don’t just need someone who can tell you what you need to know, you also need someone who will support your individual needs through friendship.

Q: How has virtual programming during COVID-19 impacted your experience as a mentor?

A: Missing out on small interactions that we get to have in person was disappointing, but I found myself with more time to be able to help preparing for sessions and was able to help the Maryland Science Olympiad team for our first competition!

Q: What was your favorite mentor moment from this year?

A: Trying to jump rope with some of my mentees among the other activities at the Healthy Halloween event was a perfect time to both laugh and learn more about each other.

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