General Accounting FAQs

Customer Billing

Who is the contact for Customer Billing? 

You can call 6-2408 or email with related questions.

Why did I get a parking citation? I have never been to the University of Maryland. 

University Police officers issue parking citations when a violation occurs. If you think you were given a citation in error, you can file an appeal to go to court and dispute the ticket. To submit an appeal, you must request a court date in writing and send it to:

University of Maryland, Baltimore
Attn: General Accounting
Saratoga Street Garage and Offices
220 Arch St., Office Level 2
Room 02-125
Baltimore, MD  21201

 For questions about the billing or payment of a citation, call 410-706-2408.

If I received a parking citation and wish to file an appeal, what is the procedure? 

Fill out the back of the ticket and send it to the above address.

I received a bill for parking in the parking garage, but I paid for parking on the spot. How can I resolve this bill? 

You may call Parking and Commuter Services at 410-706-6603 to discuss errors in bills for using the parking garages on campus.

My bill has been sent to a collection agency. Who do I send the payment to now? 

Payment must be made to the collection agency at:

State Central Collection Unit
300 W. Preston St.
Baltimore, MD  21201


Who can I talk to about a bill I received in the mail? 

For billing questions, you can call 410-706-2408 or email


Where can I find a list of chartstring codes? 

You can view all of them by clicking on our accounts link.

Where are you located? 

The office of General Accounting is located at:

Department of Financial Services
Saratoga Street Garage and Offices
220 Arch St., Office Level 2
Room 02-125

Capital Equipment

Why do I have to do an inventory of capital equipment?  

The main reason is that it's University policy that each department performs a physical inventory of capital equipment every two years. The most important reason is that it is an effective means of managing your equipment needs.

When should I do a physical inventory?  

UMB has adopted a two-year physical inventory cycle. This means that every UMB school and department is required to perform a physical inventory of capital equipment every two years.

May I request a physical inventory at any time? 

Yes, a physical inventory can be performed at any time. Some departments request a physical inventory after significant administrative changes. If an unscheduled physical inventory is performed, the two-year cycle for your department begins afer the new inventory. Contact the Capital Asset Accountant at 6-6025 for information on unscheduled or ad hoc physical inventories.

Who is responsible for doing the physical inventory?  

Each department is responsible for performing its own physical inventory.

What do I do with equipment in rooms not on the count sheets?  

If you have equipment in rooms that are not on the count sheets for your department, use the blank inventory count sheets, provided in your package, to record information on that equipment.

What do I do with equipment that is not on the count sheets?  

If the equipment item does not appear on the room-by-room or the tag sequence count sheet, record the appropriate information for the equipment item on the blank inventory count sheet or at the bottom of the room-by-room count sheet for the room in which you find the asset. You can call the Capital Asset Accountant at 6-6025 and ask to have any tag number traced to identify its custodian.

Do I need to do anything between inventory counts?  

Whenever you move, add, or discard equipment, General Accounting should be informed so your inventory record is kept current.

How do I dispose of capital equipment?  

Under the University's policy, the Department of Procurement Services is responsible for approving the disposal of excess property. Please fill out the appropriate Excess Property Declaration/Capital Asset Deletion Form and submit to Procurement. Procurement will send all the documentation to General Accounting.

How do I arrange to transfer equipment with a PI who is moving on to a new university? 

Equipment acquired on Restricted Funds may transfer with the principal investigator (PI) if authorization has been received to transfer their grants. Procedures for this are controlled by the Office of Research and Development. A listing of eligible equipment can be obtained by faxing a list of all the PI's restricted account numbers while at UMB to the Capital Asset Accountant at 6-6025.

Please send the approval from ORD, the department head, and the list on all property that is subsequently transferred to General Accounting.