Working Fund Procedures

Below you will find the list of transaction types and supporting documentation needed to process your Working Fund request form.

*Confirm the invoice pay group and payment method. Both should match*

*Print NONPO invoice header in portrait format, “Show More”, and expand lines*

*Attach supporting documentation (PI form, consent form, SPP analytics report, and/or invoice)*

*Verify invoice has been validated and initiated for approval first, then forward invoice for review and approval*

Types of Transactions

  • Payroll advances/promissory notes
  • Membership dues to academic and professional associations
  • Subscriptions to academic and professional publications
  • Study participant payments (incentives and bus tokens)
  • Catering
  • Deposits in relation to purchase orders for event space
  • Conference booth rentals and related costs
  • Dental clinic refunds
  • Interlibrary loans
  • Miscellaneous emergency payments
  • Reimbursement of payroll promissory notes
  • Split postage checks from the State
  • Registration fees for conferences and seminars
  • Publications up to $499
  • Reprints of articles
  • Licensing renewal fees
  • Commencement awards
  • MTA transaction for parking


Payroll Advance

  • Promissory note- Memorandum from department citing reason for request

 - Payroll promissory note 50 percent of gross amount {signed by FS-Payroll}

  • Advance form- Submit a payroll advance form with payroll certification card (50 percent of gross amount)

Study Participant Payment

  • Study Participant form
  • Research Consent form (Current date period)

Catering (contact Procurement for approval details to submit WFrequest)

  • Agenda
  • List of attendees
  • Invoice (signed by the caterer)

Deposits (i.e., commencement, convocations, conferences, catering, and seminars)

  • Purchase Order reflects the deposit (in the body of Purchase Order)
  • Supporting documentation:


-List of attendees

-Invoice (Payee name, address, amount, details description)

Dental Clinic Refunds

  • Refund Memorandum
  • Support documentation

- Account aging summary

Interlibrary Loans

  • Submit list of the loans
  • Invoices from the lending institutions