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Quantum HCM Project Update

The Quantum HCM (QHCM) Change Management and Training Team is excited to announce the addition of 139 QHCM Change Champions representing over 200 departments across the UMB campus to the UMB Change Management Network!

The group is critically important to the success of the QHCM change adoption. This was no easy lift, and we extend our sincere thanks to all who helped with nominating staff members for this role!

QHCM Change Champions represent the voice of the campus community and advise the QHCM Project Team on how to effectively support Schools/Departments/Business units. Their purpose is to build awareness and positive acceptance, to reinforce the QHCM Project vision and goals, and to provide vital feedback from their departments to empower end users throughout the change to QHCM.

The QHCM Change Champions Kick-off Meeting will occur on January 30, with ongoing monthly meetings to follow. If you want to learn more about the QHCM Change Champion group or just want to know who will be representing your department, connect with your department leadership for more information or contact Beth Gallico or Michele Evans for further assistance.

Check back here each month to learn more about the QHCM Implementation Project and the transformational application that is coming to UMB!