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Quantum HCM Project Update

Since implementation started two months ago, the project team has worked on critical tasks such as: 

  • confirming initial business process maps/inventories for system modules
  • creating over 300 test scripts to be used during Familiarization Sessions

identifying stakeholder groups from the 8,700+ UMB employees who will interact with Quantum HCM.

Oracle Familiarization sessions for the core project team members began in-person on August 21 and have seen great success. With the data gathered from these sessions in a test environment, the team will make initial system design and configuration decisions in preparation for the first Conference Room Pilot (CRP1) testing phase in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates and when you will be able to get a first look at Quantum HCM. 

It is extremely beneficial to have an idea of the look and feel before starting to design and build a new system. -- Juliet Dickerson, Quantum HCM Project HR Lead