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Quantum HCM Project Update

The Quantum HCM (QHCM) Project Change Management and Training Team is wrapping up the QHCM Change Champions nomination process and is excited to report there are 138 Change Champions nominated representing over 200 departments across campus.

This group will have an important partnership with the QHCM Project Team and will be vital in informing and empowering end users across UMB to achieve a successful change adoption to QHCM. 

The next step for our QHCM Change Champions is attending the QHCM Change Champion Kick-off Meeting scheduled for January 30, 2024. All nominees will receive an invite coming soon. 

As part of their responsibilities, QHCM Change Champions will attend monthly meetings and disseminate communications by way of various communication tools provided by the Change Management and Training Team. These communication efforts carried out by the QHCM Change Champions will be aimed towards sharing information about the new system, training opportunities, and more.   

Want to know who your QHCM Change Champion is that is representing your department? Curious to learn more about becoming a QHCM Change Champion yourself? See your department leadership for more information or contact Beth Gallico or Michele Evans for future assistance.