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Changes Coming for Quantum Analytics & Financials Training

Quantum Analytics

Instructor led training for the three Quantum Analytics Intro classes is being paused for January and February 2024. In its place, recorded webinars will step new users through the Sponsored Management, All Activities Management, and Payroll Management Dashboards. View these recorded webinars.  

Persons whose reporting includes Payroll reconciliation reporting should take the Payroll Dashboard Management course and submit a user authorization request for both QA roles: Campus User and Payroll Analyst.

Quantum Financials

Starting in January 2024, training for the Introduction to Quantum Financials and the Receiving Orders classes will be delivered online via webinar. The remainder of Quantum Financials training will continue to be delivered as instructor led training. For instructor-led classes, you will find dates, times, locations, and registration information on the Quantum Financials Calendar.