UMB Alerts – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Access the Emergency Management Team's Alert Page 

To access the Emergency Management Team's Alert Page, please click here

What is my UM Alerts username and password?  

UM Alerts uses UMID Authentication. You can log into UM Alerts using your UMID and UMID Password. Click here for more information about UMID Authentication.

Can I change my contact preferences?  

Yes. You can change your account settings to add different e-mail addresses or phone numbers. See Registering a Cell Phone or Other SMS Device for more information.

Does this service work on multiple cell phone networks?  

Yes. e2Campus is a cross-carrier service. See a list of wireless carriers supported here.

Do I need to install software on my phone?  


e2Campus uses the industry standard SMS text messaging protocol to send messages to your phone.

However, your mobile phone plan will need to accept text messages in order for this service to work properly.

Will this cost me anything?  

Maybe. Depending on your wireless carrier provider and the plan you have, your wireless carrier may charge a nominal fee  to receive SMS text messages.

Will I receive unsolicited messages ("SPAM") on my mobile phone or e-mail account?  


The vendor, e2Campus, enforces a ZERO SPAM policy which clearly prohibits unsolicited messages, and e2Campus does not sell the contact information of our subscribers to third party marketers.

The campus was closed or there was a delayed opening due to weather or other issues. Why didn't I get a notification? 

Log into the UM Alerts system and check on the email address or SMS device you have registered on your UM Alerts account. 

If a valid email address or SMS Device is registered, and you still did not receive a UM Closing or Delayed Opening Announcement, please email the IT Help Desk.