DocuSign FAQs

What happened to the NEW button on my DocuSign dashboard? 

  • DocuSign continues to update the application by rolling out changes.  In the latest update, the NEW button was replaced by a START button.  The same functionality that was found under the NEW button is located under the START button.  It is just a change issued by DocuSign.

Why don’t I see the NEW/UPLOAD button? 

  • The reason why you are not seeing the NEW/UPLOAD button is because when your account was created, the process gave you a security role that allows you to review, sign and process any document that you could receive via DocuSign. You do not automatically get the capability of uploading and sending documents via DocuSign. You need to complete the required documentation to obtain that security role. For further instructions, please see the “DocuSign Security” section of the DocuSign webpage.

I signed into DocuSign. However, when I click the “NEW” button and I choose to “Send an Envelope” or “Sign a Document”, there is no place to select the document to upload. How do I upload a document to sign or to be signed via DocuSign? 

  • By default, as a DocuSign user, your default permissions will only allow you to view or sign documents that have been sent to you, via DocuSign, by another authorized DocuSign user. If you would like permission to upload or send documents, then you will need to request an enhanced security role. For further instructions, please see the “DocuSign Security” section of the DocuSign webpage.

Can I turn of the email notification when a person opens the email that they received? 

  • Yes. Please follow the process outlined below:
    1. Log into DocuSign
    2. Click on the profile icon located in the upper right side of the DocuSign main screen.
    3. Once clicked, a menu will pop up. Select My Preferences from that menu.
    4. You will be taken your Personal Information page for DocuSign.
    5. From the menu on the left, click Notifications. This will open the Notifications Page.
    6. Under the Sending Notifications section of the page, uncheck the option “First time each recipient views an envelope”.
    7. Click the SAVE button that is located at the top of the page.
  • Note: following this process will only stop the email notification for the documents that you send out after unchecking the option.

When do I need to complete a DocuSign Approval Form? 

  •  A DocuSign user who has Template Sender role will need to use this DocuSign Approval Form in order to request a that new document uploaded into DocuSign for their Template Sender use.
  • The Template Sender role allows the person to only send Template documents that they have been given access. The upload document functionality is unavailable for users under this role. 

Will there be a charge to the departments for using UMB’s version? 

  •  There will be no charge to the departments for the use of DocuSign. 

Is there the same functionality with the site license as we do with our individual license? 

  • Basic functionality will be the same in the UMB version of DocuSign as you had in your individual license.
  • The rights on how you send documents within the UMB version will be the only difference. There is an approval process for your security roles to be upgraded.
  • There is also no limitations on the number of documents you can send under the UMB’s version of DocuSign.

Who will be providing support for the DocuSign Application? 

  • Support and assistance in Template creation for DocuSign will be provided by CITS.