IT Purchases


The purpose of this document is to establish guidelines and procedures for purchasing IT-related equipment.


This document is applicable to Administration and Finance departments supported by A&F Applications Support, which excludes Human Resource Services and Public Safety.

General Procedure

All Administration and Finance departments have previously been purchasing hardware and software individually by departmental staff. 

A&F Applications Support will become the purchasing contact for all A&F departments. 

The process for purchasing will be the following:

  • Departmental employee requests hardware/software to supervisor
  • Supervisor approves request and forwards to “DL-AF Applications Support  (” and provides Account/Chartstring for chargeback
  • A&F Applications will work with CITS to identify the appropriate IT solution
  • A&F Application Support proceeds with the ordering of the hardware/software
  • A&F Applications Support coordinates install with CITS 

A&F Applications Support will collaborate with the departmental employee who currently has responsibility for purchasing to determine and maintain any departmental standards or procedures.

Additional Information

This new procedure has come about as a result of the A&F IT reorganization. This procedure will centralize the purchasing for purposes of maintaining inventory, tagging equipment, and compliance with software regulations and licenses. This allows all A&F support to coordinate and ensure compatibility across hardware and software.