IT Inventory


The purpose of this document is to establish guidelines and procedures for tracking IT-related equipment for inventory purposes.


This document is applicable to Administration and Finance departments supported by A&F Applications Support, which excludes Human Resource Services and Public Safety.

General Procedure

All Administration and Finance departments are responsible for maintaining an inventory of IT assets, including non-capital hardware and software. 

Previously, all departments had a departmental employee, who has the responsibility for the departmental inventory. As part of the A&F IT reorganization, A&F Applications Support will assume responsibility for the inventory of IT-related items specific to A&F departments. 

A&F Applications Support will be collecting and maintaining inventory for all departments working with CITS. To support separation for duties, A&F Applications Support will be receiving inventory and tagging with asset tags when appropriate. CITS will verify asset tags and serial numbers when installing hardware. A&F Applications Support will become contact for bi-annual inventory review and will verify inventory. 

A&F Applications Support will collaborate with the departmental employee who currently has responsibility to collect inventory information while maintaining inventory data to serve as new point of contact for the department.

Additional Information

This new procedure has come about as a result of the A&F IT reorganization. This procedure will help those departments that have lost their primary inventory designee and assist those with a current designee. This also will assist A&F Applications Support as being aware of the software inventory and licenses that will assist in supporting and maintaining these applications.