eUMB HRMS - Payroll Training

Training in eUMB HRMS is offered for new users or as a refresher for existing users. 

For new users, training is required to gain access to eUMB HRMS. Training is offered at least monthly, and twice a month during some months. Links to the three course descriptions and available dates follow:

All three of the payroll-related eUMB HRMS courses are delivered by members of the FS-Payroll team.

Which courses should I take?

  • Introduction to eUMB HRMS: This is a requirement for any other eUMB HRMS course. The introduction class is an online, self-study course that may be taken at any time. This class is tracked manually, so please follow instructions included with the first topic. Locate the online class in the eUMB HRMS chapter of the UMB System Tutorials. (The tutorials are available in browser and HTML formats from the myUM Portal > Enterprise Menu pagelet > UMB System Tutorials.) 
  • Departmental Payroll Processing (DPP): This class is required for all users who will fulfill a Time and Labor role (collecting timesheets, reviewing, loading timesheets).
  • Commitment Accounting (CA): This class is required for all users who will fulfill a Commitment Accounting role (CA Initiator, CA Reviewer or CA Approver). Those with CA roles create and approve Employee Funding Profiles that determine the projects and percents of salary to be charged to each one during the labor distribution process for each payroll.

How do I enroll in a class?

Navigate to the Enterprise Systems Training Database to review the schedule and register for any of the following classes:

  • Introduction to eUMB HRMS (even though this is a self-study course, you need to register to get credit for the taking the prerequisite.)
  • Departmental Payroll Processing (DPP)
  • Commitment Accounting (CA)

If you have questions about eUMB HRMS - Payroll courses, please email Payroll Help.  A member of the FS-Payroll Team will respond to your questions.