Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I able to use my personal credit card to pay for travel through Concur?

A. Yes – however expenses will not be reimbursed until after the trip is complete.


Q. Are we able to attach internal forms/approvals to the Concur Request?

A. Yes – there is a place to attach files to Requests.


Q. Is the travel booking feature flexible?

A. Yes – complex, multi-step trips can be booked through the Booking tool. Please view a demo video here to see how to book a flight.


Q. Does the Concur application allow for flight comparisons similar to how Expedia, Kayak, etc work?

A. Yes – the Booking tool through Concur shows all available flights from different airlines for the trip the traveler wishes to take.


Q. Are we able to book trips with personal days before or after?

A. Yes – personal expenses are not reimbursable but trips can be booked to accommodate personal days. The traveler should include supporting documentation to demonstrate the cost of airfare with the personal days vs the cost if there were no personal days. If the trip with additional personal days exceeds the cost for the business portion of the trip then the traveler would be responsible for the additional costs.


Q. Does the travel management company charge a fee to book?

A. Yes – there is a small $5 fee associated with booking through the travel management company through Concur. The benefits of the fee – including keeping all travel information inside of Concur for user simplicity, full integration with the mobile applications, discounts/upgrades only available through the travel management company, the safety and security of UMB travelers – far outweigh minimal cost. We are currently negotiating the fee and hope to bring it down even further. The current $29 fee for using a travel agent will remain the same when using Agent Assist.


Q. Does the travel management company offer the best prices?

A. Yes – and if you find a lower fare they are able to price match for everything other than basic economy fares.


Q. Am I able to book travel for my family through Concur?

A. No – the Concur Travel and Expense application is for UMB employees only. However, employees are of course able to book the same flights through third party applications or they can call the travel management company and have travel for the entire family booked at the same time.


Q. If pictures are taken of receipts through the mobile app do we need to keep the paper receipts?

A. The state of Maryland has been accepting electronic receipts and therefore it is no longer a requirement from the state to maintain paper receipts. With Concur, we expect that most of our receipts from Hotels and Car Rental companies will be automatically integrated with our system. For the occasional expense that was not generated electronically the department will have the responsibility of making sure that there is not a requirement from a sponsor or grantor to maintain paper receipts. Additionally, care must be taken to make sure a copy of a receipt is not submitted more than once and that all electronic receipts are legible.


Q. Will travelers still be able to purchase flights outside of Concur?

A. The goal is to have all air fare and train fare booked in Concur or with the assistance of our contracted travel management company. However, we recognize that there can be extraordinary circumstances that justify not using Concur. In those situations the expense report will need to be submitted with an adequate reason for not using Concur and approved by the traveler’s Dean or VP before it will be reimbursed.