Can an approver hold more than one approval role in Concur? Can a Supervisor also be a cost center approver, for example? 

Yes. If someone has multiple approver roles (they can have two of the three but not all three) (the three being Travel Admin, Supervisor, and Cost Center) they will only need to approve once. The system will approve all workflow steps assigned to them at the same time.

Will there be a help desk dedicated to Concur questions? 

Yes, there will be a separate queue for Concur questions. Use help@umaryland.edu and enter CONCUR in the subject line. Including a screen shot is very helpful.

Can the Traveler delegate and the Travel Administrator be the same person? If they are, does the form then route directly to the supervisor or whomever is next in workflow?  

Yes. They can be the same person. When a travel admin creates travel forms as a delegate for an employee, the form routes to the employee to review/approve and submit. This does not count as approving for compliance to USM travel policy. The compliance approval step is inherited in the travel administrative creation of the travel forms. Travel Administrators and Traveler Delegates are different roles in Concur. The Travel Administrator is a workflow approval step and that person should be reviewing Travel Requests and Expense Reimbursements to make sure they stay within UMB, USM, and State of Maryland travel and expense reimbursement policy. A Traveler Delegate is someone who can just prepare forms (request or expense) for another traveler.

What is a delegate in Concur? 

A delegate is someone who acts on behalf of someone else. A person can be a Traveler delegate or an Approver delegate.  The traveler would need to set the Traveler delegate up so they could prepare on their behalf and then the delegate would login to Concur, select “Act on Behalf Of” and select the traveler. The approver (Travel Admin, Supervisor or Cost Center Approver) would need to set the Approver delegate up so they could approve on their behalf and then the delegate would login to Concur, select “Act on Behalf Of” and select the approver.

Will the Traveler delegate role be done by the traveler or by an authorization form? 

For non-employees, a user authorization form must be submitted to establish their profile. On the form, their travel delegate must be indicated. For an employee traveler, the employee needs to set up their delegates in their profile.

Can there be multiple delegates?  

Yes. Up to 99 delegates may be assigned.

If I am a Traveler Delegate, will the email notifications be sent to me as the delegate or will it be sent to the traveler instead? 

If you are a Traveler delegate and you want to receive email notifications, you must have the checkbox selected to receive emails. Additionally, when the traveler assigns you as a delegate, the checkbox for the delegate to receive emails must be checked. The traveler will also receive emails, but they can turn off email notifications if they do not want to receive emails. 

As travel admins, are we able to go in and adjust someone else's settings? For example, they haven't added that they have a car or verified their work email address. 

A Travel Admin does not have access to a traveler’s profile settings unless the Travel Admin is also assigned as a Traveler delegate. It is the traveler delegate assignment that gives access to profile settings.

Is there a feature that prints out all requests/reimbursements you’ve made over a period of time?  

We are in the process of evaluating the delivered reports and designing new reports to be able to identify data that would be helpful to travel administrators. This type of report should be part of that collection.

Does a traveler need to assign the primary travel admin as a delegate in order for the travel admin to submit requests/expenses on their behalf? 

The traveler does not have to assign the Primary travel admin. The traveler can assign any employee to submit requests/expenses for them. It can be a travel admin. It does not have to be the Primary travel admin. In fact, it can just be an admin assistant who doesn’t have any other travel approval role.

Are we able to set up profile settings for our traveling doctors and faculty? For example, If the traveler is the Dean of the School, will his delegate be able to approve other faculty travel as a supervisor?  

Delegation for preparing Requests/Expense Reports and completing approvals are different delegations. The Dean may delegate to someone to prepare on their behalf and someone else to approve on their behalf.

A Traveler delegate is able to update profile settings for others such as doctors and faculty.

Who puts in the authorization forms? Each traveler needs to submit that? Or is this done by someone else in department? Can I complete my authorization form before my training is done? 

Anyone can prepare a Concur access form for someone else. A department may want to designate one person who prepares the Concur access forms for others to make sure that the appropriate form is used. The access form is then routed to the person gaining access as well as the department head or administrator for approval.

Authorization forms for the Primary Cost Center Approver can be done at any time. The authorization form for the Primary Travel Admin or Travel Admin delegates (User Authorization form) needs to be done after the instructor led training courses have been completed since the role will not be granted unless the 4 course curriculum for a travel admin has been completed.

If I'm a travel admin for two different departments, do I need authorization forms for both departments? 

Yes you will need role request forms for both departments because there will be two department heads that will need to approve your access.

Where are the User Authorization forms located? 

The Concur User Authorization forms are located on the User Authorization Forms Home Page. You will need to sign in with your UMID. 

In the naming convention for Concur forms, is the year Calendar year or fiscal year? 

The year indicated in the naming convention for travel and business forms is the calendar year. 

Will using a different naming convention on Requests and Expenses impact anyone outside a specific department?  

The naming convention has been set by the Office of the Controller in order to expedite the processing of the forms that require their approval.

Will we be able to create our Concur admin account before go-live? 

All employees will have their user accounts created based on an integration from HRMS. Many fields on the Profile Settings for the employee user accounts will be populated. You will not be able to update/add any additional fields or assign delegates until April 10th (or earlier if your school/division is in the pilot group).

If we already have access as a travel administrator, do we have to take training for access in Concur?  

All travel administrators must take the 4 instructor led course curriculum in order to get access as a travel admin in Concur.

Do the Travel Admins need to set up a Concur profile too? Even if we never travel? 

Yes. Every employee with a profile in Concur, no matter what their role, needs to complete the REQUIRED fields in their profile settings.

Can I be the travel admin for a travel request I submitted for someone as a delegate? Can I approve a request I entered for myself?  

You can be a traveler delegate where you prepare the forms for another traveler AND also the Travel Admin for an EMPLOYEE. You will still have to approve the form even if you prepared it because the employee traveler can make changes to it before submitting it for approval. For NON-employees the traveler delegate and Travel Admin must be different. Also, you cannot be a travel admin for yourself.

Can we still use the old system for travel before the go live date for concur?  

If you are not in the pilot group you can use the old system (TBE) through Friday, April 7th. After that date any new request or expense report will need to be entered in Concur. Requests or expense reports that were started in TBE but not fully approved by the department by COB on April 7th will have to be re-entered in Concur starting April 10th.

If the traveler already uses Concur for some of their travel through member associations, will the Concur account be the same and automatically connect with UMB or will a separate Concur account # be assigned?  

Concur connects users based on their email address so if the traveler is using their umaryland address with the Concur account through another association there could be a problem. If you have this situation, please contact the HelpDesk so that we can address potential problems before you need to use the system for travel.

Will there be training available for the travelers?  

Yes, travelers can attend instructor-led classes. The calendar of training sessions is posted here. Travelers can also review training tutorials and recorded training sessions on the Concur Travel and Expense Training page.

Where are the Concur training materials located?  

The Concur training materials are located here: https://cf.umaryland.edu/upk/ssas/PlayerPackage/data/toc.html

Can my PI still pay for the GRA’s travel expenses under Concur and get reimbursed for it? How does paying for another employee’s travel work in Concur?  

We are working on a method to be able to pay for another UMB traveler and reference the traveler's request on the (in this example) PI's reimbursement. We will have a UPK/job aid soon to demonstrate this process.

How are regular travelers getting trained?  

Travelers can attend instructor-led classes. The calendar of training sessions is posted here. Travelers can also review training tutorials and recorded training sessions on the Concur Travel and Expense Training page.

What is the proof needed to show we took the instructor led courses before go-live?  

 You will need to take a screen print of the Your Previous Courses page in the CITS training database and attach it to a role request form.

Are other universities successfully using Concur?  

There are numerous universities and colleges along with many federal agencies using Concur.  It is one of the two or three most popular travel software packages.

Is the process the same for international collaborators supported by UMB-i.e. UMB is funding all travel-related costs?  

Assuming these international collaborators are non-employees, the process and requirements are a little different. Unlike employees who can create their own requests and expense reports and book their travel on-line through Concur, non-employees do not have access to Concur. Therefore, a delegate must create the request and a travel assistant can book the travel on-line in Concur or the non-employee can contact the travel agency to arrange their travel as long as they have an approved request.

Is there a way to lookup listed approvers, supervisors, travel admins by department to see who has signed up/attended training?  

No. If you have a question about a specific person’s training they can be directed to Laura Pogliano at lpogliano@umaryland.edu


Do I have to be a delegate to enter a travel request for a traveler?  

Yes- in order to enter a travel request for another person, that person must first assign you as their delegate in their profile settings. Just having the role of Travel Admin does not allow you to enter a travel request.

Can the travel admin change the object code on an expense in a travel request?  

No. Expense Types and Trip Types are mapped to the appropriate expense object codes. If an object code is incorrect, then the wrong expense type or trip type was used. Deleting or adding an Expense Type or changing the trip type on the header can only be done by the traveler or traveler’s delegate.

I understand that international travel requires a risk form be completed. What happens if the travel risk is 3 or higher?  

If the Travel Risk is determined to be level 3 or higher based on the Concur integrated risk rater, the travel request routes to the international group for approval before the other approvers. The international operations group relies on the UMB contracted duty of care provider (International SOS) for final determination of travel risk.

Do we have to pay a fee when using the travel agent assistance?  

 There is a per transaction fee to use the UMB TLC (Travel Leaders Corp). It is still under negotiation but expected to be lower than the current fee ($29). This fee is reimbursable to the traveler if paid out of pocket. Fees are posted here: https://www.umaryland.edu/controller/disbursements/travel/travel-management-company/  

Can we reimburse for an expense that was not included on the travel request?  

Yes. There will be times when an expense was not anticipated and it can be included on the report (with receipt and explanation) even if it’s not on the travel request. Of course, the department has the discretion on whether to approve any expense that was not pre-approved on the request. 

With the new system does mileage for day trips related to work need a travel request or just an expense form?  

  If the mileage is within Maryland or Washington DC then no request is required. But if the mileage is outside of MD or DC then a request is required. This requirement has not changed.

If a travel admin acts as a delegate and creates a request, does it come back to the same admin for travel approval? Who does that route to?  

You can be a traveler delegate where you prepare the forms for another traveler AND also the Travel Admin for an EMPLOYEE. You will still have to approve the form even if you prepared it because the employee traveler can make changes to it before submitting it for approval. For Non-employees the traveler delegate and Travel Admin must be different. Also, you cannot be a travel admin for yourself.

If a travel admin acts as a delegate and creates a request, does it come back to the same admin for travel approval? Who does that route to?  

You can be a traveler delegate where you prepare the forms for another traveler AND also the Travel Admin for an EMPLOYEE. You will still have to approve the form even if you prepared it because the employee traveler can make changes to it before submitting it for approval. For Non-employees the traveler delegate and Travel Admin must be different. Also, you cannot be a travel admin for yourself.

For the Booking Type, what would you select if the Trip Type is "out of state", the state is VA and the person is driving there and back on the same day? What is the booking type for this trip and I am staying overnight in VA and need a hotel?  

The booking type would be “"No booking” for the one day trip. There is no Airfare, Hotel, Car Rental, or Trainfare that needs to be booked in Concur for this trip.
For the overnight trip, if the traveler wants to book a hotel on their own outside of Concur that would be allowable and "No booking" should be used. But if the traveler wants to book the hotel within Concur then either "Book in Concur” or "Agent Assist” should be selected for the booking type.

What is the backup plan to address situations where travel happens before the request is submitted? 

If a request is not APPROVED 1 day BEFORE the trip start date then the trip is out of compliance with policy. Unlike the legacy system, a backdated request cannot be completed. The expense report can be completed and it will be routed to the CBFO to determine if the reason why the request wasn’t completed timely justifies reimbursement. The traveler is at risk for not being reimbursed if the request is not approved prior to the trip.

Do we have to use the UMB travel agency if the person is going for business and vacation and UMB is not responsible for any funding? 

The only requirement to use the travel agency (via booking on-line or with a travel agent) is when Airfare will be paid by UMB.

Travel requests have a default travel clearing account as a funding source. Is there a warning when creating the request if that has not been changed by initiator of the travel request? 

There is no warning about the use of the Travel Clearing Account. However, there is a screen under the Request Details or Report Details link named Allocation Summary that clearly displays the funding source. All preparers and approvers have access to this screen and at the very least the Cost Center Approver should be looking at it to see where the expenses are being charged.

Can you change the funding source on a travel request after the request is approved? 

After the request has been approved there can be no changes. However, the funding sources can be changed on the expense report so the expenses posted in the financial system can be accurate.

What is the default purpose ‘55555555’ in the funding source fields on the travel request header?  

The rate for parking at the airport is set to the DAILY rate for that airport. UMB will not reimburse the rate of the HOURLY parking lot. However, the traveler may choose to park in the hourly lot but will only be reimbursed at the daily rate. If the rates increase at the airport then the reimbursement rate will also increase.

If you have to make a correction, example forgot vendor name. Does it start over in the approval process? Meaning if the first person did not catch and went to second approver.  

Yes, the approvals will start over. However, if the initiator forgot to ATTACH something, then any of the approvers can attach a document and it will not need to start over in the approval process.

For nonemployees: does the traveler have to submit or approve the travel request if it has been completed by a delegate? 

The traveler delegate will prepare and submit the request for the non-employee traveler. The non-employee will not log in to Concur. If the traveler wants a copy, the travel delegate can print/email the request form using the Print/Share report. 

For employees: does the traveler have to approve the travel request, if it has been completed by a delegate? 

When a traveler delegate creates a travel request for an employee, instead of submitting it, they will “notify employee” and the request will route to the traveler, so he/she can submit it.

Do we *have* to create an expense type in a travel request if we're not planning on requesting a reimbursement (i.e. paid via pcard)? 

If the expense is related to the travel, then it should be part of the request, but including a conference fee (for example) is not a requirement. If the hotel or car rental is paid via Pcard, then that is required to be on the request.

Does the request need to be made prior to the conference registration being paid if it’s paid by Pcard? 

The request should include the conference fee and be completed before paying the conference fee. We don't want to pay for a conference and then find out that there were not enough funds for the trip.  In addition, the request form is required to be retained with the Pcard documentation.  A fully approved request form prior to the Pcard purchase confirms that the expense was properly approved.

Will the fees charged by the travel agency (TLC) for Concur on-line booking or Travel Agent Assistance be charged to the SOAPF/Project? 

The booking fees charged by TLC will be expensed to the project/SOAPF per the Request if payment is by TMC Card, or expensed to the project/SOAPF per the Expense Report if reimbursed to the traveler when the traveler has chosen Payment Method “Out of Pocket” on the expense report.

If someone takes personal time on a business trip, how does the airfare portion work?  

At the time of creating the request, the traveler should provide screen shots of what the airfare would be if it was booked on the dates/times required for the business portion of the trip as well as the airfare on the dates including personal travel. If the airfare including personal travel exceeds the airfare for just business travel then the traveler is responsible for paying the full amount of the airfare and then seeking reimbursement for the cost associated with just the business trip. If the travel including the personal dates is lower than the business portion then the trip may be charged to the UMB credit card or paid for with a personal credit card for reimbursement. It is essential to obtain the fare comparison at the time of booking because airfare changes daily and retroactive costs cannot be obtained.

We currently have some residents that fall under employee type and some that fall under non-employee type. They are not faculty, staff or students so what Traveler type do we choose in the request? 

We added a new category of “Other Employee”.

Residents and Post Doc Fellows should be Other Employees and GRAs should be Student Employees.

How would we know in advance whether we will need a booking exception? Can we say "no" to booking outside of Concur in the request, and then adjust in the expense report based on what actually happened? 

The “Booking Exception”" request is used when there is a legitimate reason why the airfare cannot be booked in Concur.  Ex- there is a cohort of travelers from several universities travelling to a site and in order to get discounted travel the travelers must all use another university’s travel agent.

With the mileage calculator, can you choose from different routes to the destination?  

Yes. The map used is actually a Google Map so different routes can be chosen.

We sometimes use several Projects/SOAPF for travel trip. How can I add second one in Concur? 

You can add multiple funding sources using the Allocate function on the expense types. You can allocate by dollar amounts and percentages. Only one funding source can be entered on the header and that will be applied to any expense type that has not been allocated.

What happens if the conference has a virtual option? Are we required to attend virtually?  

There is no requirement to attend virtually. That question is placed on the conference registration expense type as a reminder that there may be an alternative to incurring additional travel costs and encouraging our sustainability initiatives.

The question related to whether a conference is offered virtually on the "Conference/Workshop Fess/Registration” expense type is an optional question that can be required by a departmental business process. It was added to assist those departments who may have budget constraints or sustainability goals to assist in evaluating whether travel expenses should be incurred.

For Attachments in a travel request, don't we always have to show the entire event itinerary? I see the size limit is 5 MGs.  

  There is a limit on the individual document size. Many times the required information (description, dates, meals, etc) are summarized on one or two pages of an event’s brochure. In that case only those pages should be submitted. If the pdf you have is too large, you can use the Print to pdf function and select only the pertinent pages to be printed. This will reduce the size of the document.

Can one blanket TR be submitted for frequent site visits for an entire Fiscal Year?  

  You can create one blanket travel request for up to 6 months of travel. However, the expense reports should be timely (within 60 days of the earliest trip on the expense report). You can have multiple expense reports created from one blanket travel request. Ex. Every week an employee travels to Lancaster, PA. A blanket travel request can be completed for 1/1-6/30. Then each month an expense report can be submitted for the 4 weekly trips in that month. This report will need to be submitted before 60 days from the first trip in the month.

Does the system only show the Start Date of the Travel on the travel request?  

  The Request search (tile or list) only shows the start date but you will see that the trip start and end date are in the request header.

In e-travel, if you are staying overnight you need to have a travel request even if someone else is paying. Will you still need this in Concur?  

  A Request is still required for all overnight employee travel even if UMB is not paying.  Nonemployee international travel that is not paid by UMB does not require a travel request.
  For international travel, it's especially important that travel requests come into the system - this is how International Operations knows where people are and can optimally support travelers as it relates to their personal safety and security.

Do we need to reduce per diems in the travel request? Can't we just wait for the travel expense report, especially if we don't know what meals may or may not be included.  

  It is important to let the traveler know that per diems will be reduced based on meals that are provided during the travel (Ex. Airplane meals, hotel breakfasts, conference meals, etc). The best way to do this is by adding the “Reimbursement Reduction” expense type and noting that the per diem amounts will be reduced. Entering an estimated amount of the reduction is appropriate.

For the Request/Trip Name naming conventions- this is incumbent upon the traveler/delegate to conform to? The system doesn't assign a number?  

  There is a system generated request ID.  The naming convention for the Trip is assigned by the traveler or traveler delegate so it is easier to locate the traveler's form without knowing the system assigned number.

What happens if the conference has a virtual option? Or are you choosing based on your personal preference for attending the conference?  

  The question related to whether a conference is offered virtually on the “Conference/Workshop Fess/Registration” expense type is an optional question that can be required by a departmental business process. It was added to assist those departments who may have budget constraints or sustainability goals to assist in evaluating whether travel expenses should be incurred.

Are we only putting travel in for business trips/expenses. What about registrations and subscriptions?  

  If there is travel associated with a registration then it should be included as a separate expense type on the travel expense request/report. For subscriptions or registration for a virtual event where travel is not involved, then the Business Expense report should be completed in Concur.

Is this system required for expenses covered by Foundation funds?  

  All employees are required to do a request in Concur if the travel is outside of Maryland or Washington DC or it is overnight within MD or DC or includes a car rental. This requirement includes travel that is paid by an entity other than UMB including foundation funds. UMB Foundation has a new requirement that an approved request be submitted in order for UMBF to pay the costs for travel.


When checking the expenses, is there easy access to the attachments of the receipts to verify dates, costs, etc.  

For each expense on the report there is a receipt Icon that the approver can hover on to see the expense in a pop up window or click on to open the receipt. The approver also has the option to open a window that displays ALL of the receipts by selecting "View Receipts in new window” or “View Receipts in current window" from the receipts link at the top of the report.

In the Expense report, a Warning says ‘amount exceeds the approved Request Entry Amount.’ How do you see the original requested amount from here?  

  You can see the requested amount, approved amount and actual amount on the Summary tab in the expense report.

Will approvers still get an email that they have travel request and expense requests to approve?  

  By default an email is sent to each primary approver when an approval is needed. When primary approvers assign their delegates, it is important that they check off the box "Receives Approval Emails" so that the delegate also receives the emails. If an approver prefers to log into Concur every day to check for forms to be approved, that person can turn off their own email notifications,

Can a Supervisor also be a cost center approver?  

  Yes. If someone has multiple approver roles (the three being Travel Admin, Supervisor, and Cost Center) they will only need to approve once.  Someone can hold two of the three roles, but not all three. The system will approve all workflow steps assigned to them at the same time.

How is the supervisor approver determined? Can the supervisor be selected in the request? We have GRAs who travel and the supervisor changes throughout their student career but not necessarily in the ePAF.  

  The supervisors are integrated from the HRMS tables. If the GRA supervisor changes it must be updated in HRMS or the person who is the supervisor in HRMS can assign another person as a supervisor delegate.

What if there are fees on the expense report that were not on the travel request? Should we return it to the traveler?  

  No. If the expense is allowable via policy, and the expense report has receipts and an explanation for why it was left off the request, you can approve it. If the additional expense makes the total amount of the expense report exceed the request there will be a warning alert to bring this to the attention of approvers.

If you have to make a correction, does it start over in the approval process? Meaning if the first person did not catch and went to second approver.  

  Yes, if you return it to the traveler for a correction, it will route again through the whole approval process.

Is there an easy way to view the attachments as you look at each line item?  

  On the request all of the attachments are at the form level instead of each expense type.  On an expense report the attachments are on each expense type so it is easy to review these attachments.  

Is there an issue if there is Per diem added to an expense report but the traveler comes back with meal receipts?  

  Receipts are not needed for per diem meals and may be discarded. Receipts are required if a traveler incurred a "Business Meal” expense subject to the requirements for a business meal. When a business meal is claimed, the per diem must be reduced for that specific meal.

What if the traveler doesn't want to use the Per Diem displayed by the system. Is that an option? For example, they want to use the per diem rate for MD because it’s higher than where they are traveling to.  

  Concur calculates the Per Diem for a trip based on the federal rates for the destination city. For each day of travel. We cannot reimburse for a higher amount but a department can reimburse a lower amount due to budget reasons that should be documented in the request.

Are any Supervisors Faculty that are automatically granted access?  

  Supervisors will be automatically assigned in Concur for each employee. The supervisors will be assigned based on the timesheet Primary Supervisor set up in the HR system. The person who is the supervisor can create a delegate within Concur that would allow someone else to approve as the supervisor.

In Quantum an approver only needs to know the Project and Org Code. Do they now need to know the Source, Purpose and Function?  

  For most projects they do not need to know in advance what the SOAPF is for a project because it only limits the choice of segments to the ones that apply to the project. For a project you may have 2 sources due to cost share. Once the project is used once for that person, they can select it from the most recent list to make the choice even quicker.

Does the Cost Approver also have to check the request for following the travel rules? Or is it expected that the travel admin does that approval?  

  Each department is different based on the size and number of administrative employees. Ideally, your travel admin should be the expert on the travel policy and procedures. If you put the responsibility on the cost center approver to make sure the trip is compliant, then that is ok. But it should be well communicated within the department about who is responsible for what.

Is there a feature in Concur to let the travel admin know if they have something in the system that requires attention? Is there a notification that travel has been approved?  

  A travel admin (and subsequent approvers) will receive an email letting them know there is something to approve. It also appears on the approver’s dashboard in the Required Approvals section. When the status of the request or expense report changes, the traveler and the traveler’s delegate will receive an email.


Is there any way to pay for the hotel before the trip is taken?  

  Most hotels do not charge a credit card until the day a traveler checks out of the hotel. In the rare cases where a prepayment is required, a department Pcard holder may pay for the hotel as long as there is an approved Request to support the charges.

Will I be able to submit an expense report in Concur for mileage for doctors who regularly travel within the state without having to do a travel requests?  

  The rules have not changed for when a request is required. So daily mileage within Maryland and Washington DC does not require a request.

For missing receipts, is there a way to upload additional documentation? For example, a credit card statement, even if you don't have the receipt?  

  When you use the “Missing Receipt Declaration” for an expense type, another attachment cannot be made at the expense type level. You must add the other supporting documents at the form level using the Manage Receipts/Manage Attachments link.

Is there a way to download/share a PDF copy of a completed expense report?  

  Yes. On each form, there is a Print/Share or Print/Email link at the top of the form. You can easily download, share, email, or save from there.

How far into the workflow can you recall a report?  

  An expense report can be recalled at any status except Processing Payment, Sent for Payment or Payment Confirmed.

If a person captures the receipts on their phone, will it go onto the expense report?  

  The Concur mobile app is needed for a phone to be able to capture receipts that are automatically loaded to the traveler’s Concur dashboard or expense report.

Does the department need to keep original receipts for auditing purposes?  

  Original receipts do not need to be retained for State or USM audits. However, a sponsor may require them and you should be aware of specific grant requirements for documentation purposes.

I see a remaining balance on an expense report. What is that?  

  The remaining balance on an expense report is the amount of unused but approved dollars from the travel request based on expense types on the request. An expense type that is added to an expense report that was not on the request is not factored in the remaining balance calculation.

What happens if someone travels to the same location multiple times throughout the year?  

  You can create a copy of any travel request or travel expense report to reuse the original multiple times. Or you can create a “blanket” request for up to a 6 month period (Ex- 1/1-6/30 and 7/1-12/31). A request can be used multiple times for multiple expense reports. All of the fields on the header should pertain to all trips under the blanket request. The trip start and end dates will determine the period of the request. A blanket request cannot be used if you are booking airfare, hotel, car rentals, or trainfare in Concur. Individual requests are needed when actually booking travel.

A delegate for an employee can create the travel expense report, but can they submit it?  

  A delegate for a traveler can't submit an expense report.  They can prepare the report but once it is complete it goes to the traveler to submit in the system.  The traveler can also make changes to the report before submitting.

I know the policies are being updated, but given the ability to have electronic receipts and pdf files, will departments have to store travel expense files anymore?  

  For travel expenses charged to non-sponsored funds, the electronic receipts stored in Concur are sufficient for audit purposes. For sponsored funds, you must ensure that there is no requirement to maintain original receipts.

What about calculating per diem with 75% 1st and last day and if a meal is covered with registration. How do we do that?  

  The 75% calculation is automatically done by the system for both the request and expense report. For meals that are provided for the traveler (Ex- luncheon at a conference), on the Expense report, the traveler selects the meals to be excluded on the Travel Allowance page and the calculation subtracts the appropriate value for that meal. For excluded meals on the Request, an approximate calculation must be done and entered as a negative amount using the Reimbursement Reduction expense type.

Do we name each attachment as we do currently? And can you view your attachments?  

  There is not an option to name each attachment so you should give each document you upload an appropriate name before you attach if that is your requirement. You can view all your attachments in an expense report at the expense type level for each expense type or at the form level to see all attachments at once.

How do you submit the per diem amounts?  

  On the expense report the Travel Allowance page is used to calculate the per diem for overnight travel. Since the amount is based on the last city entered for the day on the itinerary it is important to enter the full itinerary if the traveler is staying overnight in various cities in the same trip. If the traveler will only be staying in one location then the itinerary must include just two legs- from home city to destination and from destination to home.

If the employee isn't traveling but has auto mileage from picking up a non-employee from the airport plus expenses for a business meal, would this combined reimbursement be Business Expense?  

  Because you have mileage this would go on a Travel Request (if the airport is out-of-state) and Expense form.  Mileage cannot be entered on a Business Expense form.

For international travel, will the traveler or delegate convert all amounts to USD before entering the expenses into the system since all amounts must be in USD? If we are doing the conversion, where would we upload the currency conversion documentation?  

  There is a built- in currency conversion tool (based on Oanda rates) so the receipt can be entered in the local currency and it will do the conversion. The conversion can be overridden if there is evidence that the currency exchange was different.

If the traveler uses the mobile app to upload receipts while on his trip, how do they get entered into the expense report upon return? Can I use the mobile app for another traveler’s receipts?  

  The receipts you upload while on your trip using the mobile app are available to you when you open Concur to complete your expense report. They can be found on the Expense dashboard in the Available Expenses section. If you are a delegate for the traveler, you can add receipts to the Concur application, but not to the Concur mobile app.  

Will I as the travel admin have access to the receipts?  

  All primary approvers will automatically have access to receipts. When a primary approver delegates approval, the primary must check the box to allow the delegate to view receipts. Travelers can't submit an expense report without an attached receipt for expenses that require one.  Any approver can attach a receipt if the wrong one is attached.

If you are having a meal with a coworker on a business trip, can one person pay for the entire bill and get reimbursed? Do they have to split the check?  

  A meal with a coworker does not fit the definition of a business meal so both employees would just be reimbursed for meals via the per diem allowance calculation. If one person pays for both meals it is up to them to determine how/when that person is reimbursed.

In the current eTravel platform, you have to be in a travel status for 8+ hours in order to submit reimbursement for day business meals. Is that still true?  

  The Travel Policy has not changed so you should still follow the 8 hour rule. If there is a flat amount that will be paid by an outside entity that is not specific to certain expense types, the various expense types can be added at the projected or actual cost and then the "Reimbursement Reduction” expense type can be added as a negative amount that will reduce the overall amount paid to the traveler.

Will the system allow you to go over the approved travel request amount? What if you didn’t know about an expense before you traveled?  

  It will allow you to go over the approved amount.  It will just generate a warning if the total amount of the expense report is more than the original request to bring this to the attention of the approvers. This is why the expense report needs to be approved by the Cost Center Approver.

Where might we indicate that an outside entity is covering conference costs? 

There are a variety of ways to document this:

  • On the Request header the Additional Information field can be used for this explanation. You would add the Conference Expense Type to the request and attach the conference brochure as proof of travel. On the expense report, you would have no expense for this.
  • When entering an expense item that will be covered by a third party, you will choose “Third Party” for the payment method. If there is a specific amount that will be paid by a third party but not necessarily for a specific expense item, add all expense items at the projected or actual cost. Next, add a "Reimbursement Reduction” expense type with the amount the third party is providing as a negative amount. That reduces the overall amount charged to the funding sources on the report.

If traveler is a nonemployee: 1) Does all his contact info need to be submitted with original travel request (ssn, telephone, address, etc.); and, 2) is reimbursement via wire possible?  

  The home address, phone number and emergency contact must be entered on the non-employee's profile in order to book travel in Concur. The SSN and instructions for wire payments  are required for the NON-PO invoice process only and will not be entered in Concur.


Since we are able to upload our receipts individually, I assume an airline ticket will be able to be purchased by UMB employee (and uploaded to concur with receipt showing last 4 digits of credit card, proof it's an economy ticket and on American carrier if international flight)?  

If an airline ticket is purchased by an employee without booking in Concur: 1) the travel request will route to the CBFO for evaluation of whether or not to approve and 2) if approved, the employee will not be reimbursed until after travel is complete. Any air travel purchased by a traveler requires the bank/credit card statement as proof of purchase.

Why is there a trigger when airfare is not booked through concur?  

  Per the updated UMB policy and procedures it is mandatory that all airfare that is paid by UMB (via reimbursement or charged to UMB credit card) is booked on-line through Concur or via a travel agent with Travel Leaders Corp.

What happens if the traveler accidentally books without an approved travel request? Will Concur deny the booking or does the employee have to submit an exception?  

  A traveler can only reserve a flight (not book it) without an approved travel request. Since the proper procedures were not followed, this reservation will be cancelled after approximately the next day. There will be a message that the reservation requires approval but we are not configured to approve reservations without requests. Travelers/travel assistants may falsely feel that the travel is actually booked. But if there is not an approved request or the person booking did not use the link to book travel from the approved request, the flight cannot be actually booked and assigned a ticket number.

Is the ghost card somehow linked to my SOAPF? Can you expand on how that works?  

  Ghost card means the credit card that is used by the travel agency. In the drop-down field for Payment Method, it will say TMC Card (Travel Management Company.) It is often called a Ghost card by the travel group.
  Each month, the charges on the TMC Card will be transmitted to Concur. The charges will be matched to the travel request ID and the funding sources that were charged on the request will determine where the travel expenses are charged. If the funding source on the request is not where you intended the charges to be costed then you will need to do a debit memo in Quantum to move the expense.

Do I have to book all my travel in Concur? Or just my flights.  

  Airfare is required to be booked in Concur. But you can use Concur for the rest of the travel segments, such as car and hotel.
Requests need to be approved prior to booking flights, hotel and other travel requirements for your trip.  

Is Concur looking for the least expensive Airfare?  

  Concur will present all available flights between the From and To cities.

Will there be a 'ghost card' option available as a payment method when booking lodging?  

  No, hotels may not be charged to the "ghost"/TMC card... however, the Pcard is an available option for hotel expenses.
The ghost card can only be used to pay for airfare and rail.  All other expenses need to be paid from other sources.

Would a faculty member (without a Pcard) be able to use my Pcard? Or would you advise they pay for the hotel with their personal card?  

  Delegates with a Pcard can put a deposit on a hotel reservation but cannot pay for the stay unless the Pcard holder contacts the hotel directly to arrange for an authorized payment arrangement. The traveler cannot be given the Pcard account number for payment.  Otherwise, the traveler, unless he/she has their own Pcard, will need to use a personal credit card to pay for the stay.

What if an expense was shared? Two individuals travel to a conference, share a room, etc.  

  It depends on how the payment is made. If traveler #1 pays for the entire amount then the receipt is added to their expense report with an explanation then says the cost was for traveler #1 and #2. Traveler #2 could enter the hotel expense type on their expense report using the Third Party Payment Type and explain that it was paid by Traveler #1. Or if each traveler charges half of the hotel bill to their own credit cards then they will both submit the hotel bill with evidence of the amount that each paid.

Can you use a credit card charge/statement as a receipt/ proof of purchase?  

  No- a detailed receipt is required per policy. If a detail receipt has been lost then a Missing Receipt Declaration must be submitted (built into Concur) and a credit card statement can be attached to support the charge.

Are travel admins able to enter information into another’s profile? For example, if the traveler didn’t set up a vehicle in his profile.  

  A travel admin cannot change a traveler's profile.  Only a traveler delegate or Travel Assistant can update the profile for another person.

I didn’t see a field in booking to add TSA or Known Traveler numbers.  

  You can add TSA and Known Traveler numbers as well as passport information in your travel profile settings.

Will travel leaders automatically see the approved travel request in concur? We currently send the approved form before the tickets are confirmed.  

  Travel Leaders will receive a copy of ALL requests that are in the Approved status. Be aware that a request that has the booking type of Book in Concur does not get the Approved Status until the flight has been booked on-line in Concur. If the traveler decides that s/he needs a travel agent , he can recall the request and change the Booking Type in the header to Agent Assist. Travel Leaders may need the TAR# emailed to them.

Some faculty prefer to book their own flights. What happens if they book their own flights and refuse to book in Concur?  

  All employees who refuse to book in Concur are out of compliance with our policy. It is highly likely that they will not be reimbursed for the airfare.

Could the traveler go in and book his/her flight after I have submitted the travel request on his/her behalf?  

  For employees- Yes but they need to book from the approved request using the "Book Travel" button at the top right. A booking in Concur must come from an approved request. For non-employees- No they cannot book on-line through Concur but if you choose the booking type “"Agent Assist” then the non-employee can call the travel agent to book the flight on their own. You should give them the approved form for proper authorization.

Will the system flag any FAA restrictions on non US airlines for international travel?  

  Concur will notify the traveler that the flight is not Fly America certified at the time of booking. We highly recommend that all international flights be booked via Agent Assist due to the complexity of international travel.

What about conference hotels that might not fit into the per diem rate? Are travelers still able to book those?  

  Yes. The hotel estimate rates serve as a guide when a traveler has a choice of hotels unrelated to a specific event.

Are you required to book through Concur if the outside event managers are paying for travel?  

  If the flights will be completely paid by an outside entity (not reimbursed to UMB) then flights are not required to be booked in Concur. However, a request is still required for employees even when there is no or partial cost to UMB.

If a faculty member would like to stay at the same hotel as the conference they are attending and this hotel is above the allowable rate, can they ask for an exception?  

  If the hotel rate for a conference you are attending is higher than the federal rate, you just need to put that information as the reason why you booked this hotel.  This is a common reason.

For international travel, a Travel Attestation form is required and has to be uploaded with the travel request. Will you be able to complete the form in Concur?  

  No, the Travel Attestation form resides on the global hub for international travel. You have to sign it and upload the approved copy to Concur.

Are State employees allowed to earn points on flights and hotels when the State is paying for these expenses?  

  Yes. Travelers can get the points. However, travelers cannot select flights and hotels that are above the lowest logical cost just to earn points.

Are we able to add UMB's car rental discount codes when booking through Concur?  

  Those discounts for preferred car rental companies are built into the rates that are displayed in Concur.

Can you add the hotel at a later date or does the airline and hotel have to be booked at the same time?  

  They should be booked at the same time because after booking a request status is ‘fully approved’ in Concur and no other Concur bookings can be created.

When do you actually 'book' your flights in concur?  

  Once you have an approved travel request, you book directly from the approved request using the "Book Travel" button on the approved request. It is important that you complete the booking process after you click the Book Travel button. If you start the booking and get interrupted and navigate away from the Concur booking page then it may break the connection between the request and the booking. You could end up reserving a flight that needs approval and not actually booking the flight. If you do get interrupted it is best to start over by clicking on the Book Travel button on the request again.

When you’re booking, is the Ghost card payment method the same as our Pcard (Procard)?  

  The Ghost Card is not the same as the Pcard.  The Ghost Card or Travel Management Card is on file with TMC, our travel partner, and can only be used for booking airfare or train fare.

How does booking work if I have UMB paying for my travel but I am paying for my spouse's travel? Do I pay for my spouse's ticket at the time of purchase?  

  Only the business travel portion for the employee can be booked on-line through Concur. If you choose to do that then you can book your family travel on your own through any travel/airline website or agent. Alternatively, you can choose Agent Assist to book your own travel by talking to a travel agent at Travel Leaders Corp (TLC) where they can book your business travel and charge it to the UMB credit card and then book your family travel at the same time and charge it to your personal credit card.

Do we have to use the UMB travel agencies if the person is going for business and vacation and UMB is not responsible for any funding?  

  If UMB is not paying for the airfare then you are not required to book the airfare through our travel agency.

If we have to cancel trip - do we still get same benefits as through travel leaders where we get to use the credit for another trip?  

  Yes. TLC is still our travel agent and will capture cancelled credits for our traveler. It may require an agent assist on the rebooking to use it but they will be able to guide you.

As a rule, do we always book the cheapest? What if that requires 3 stops?  

  The actual travel policy wording says "Travelers are expected to purchase the least expensive logical fare via the most direct route." So it is provided for that we do not expect people to take unreasonable layovers. We allow for a 20% differential for domestic flights (30% for international) before you have to justify why you are choosing a more costly flight but there is no system hard stop.

Can you charge two different credit cards under "Select a method of payment?  

  Airfare can only be charged in full to the UMB card or paid for in full by a personal credit card. Only 1 card can be used. If there is an added cost to the flight due to personal travel, the traveler will have to charge a personal credit card and wait for reimbursement for the business portion when the trip is completed.

If travel must be booked in Concur and the traveler doesn't, will the campus be enforcing the no reimbursement rule?  

  Unless there is a solid business reason why the airfare (not all travel costs) could not be booked in Concur then it is highly likely that the reimbursement request for the airfare booked outside of Concur will be denied.

A travel prefers to drive instead of fly to a meeting. The location is 650 miles from UMB. Is a hotel approved by UMB for the way down and back if the travel drives 300 miles in one day and then gets to the meeting location on day 2?  

  If the cost of the hotel stays plus mileage is less than the cost of the lowest reasonable airfare then the employee can be reimbursed for the trip by car. If the cost is more, the employee can do it but will only be reimbursed for the lowest cost. The costs must be calculated at the time of the request approval because you can't get accurate airfare or hotel costs for back dates.

If you are bringing in a potential faculty candidate, can they still make their own flight arrangements and get reimbursed? Or do we have to book their flights in Concur?  

  The flight needs to be booked through our travel agency. You can achieve this by  booking the flight via Concur on their behalf. You can ask them to choose their preferred flights if you want but then the non-employee's delegate/travel arranger will book it. Or you can choose the Agent Assist booking option where you give the request ID to the candidate and have them call TLC to make the flight arrangements where they can charge the flight to their own credit card and be reimbursed after the trip.

Will our physicians have to schedule flights in Concur? Usually they schedule their own flights and hotel.  

  If they are scheduling flights, the airfare has to be booked on-line in Concur, or via the Agent Assist with Travel Leaders Corporation. Hotels can be booked outside of Concur.

I have processed several travel requests in the eUMB system, and some of the travel occurs before and some occurs after the go-live date. Do the travel expenses need to be processed in Concur if the travel occurs after April 10th?  

  All travel reimbursements that were not fully approved by the department by COB on Friday, April 7th will need to be processed as a reimbursement in Concur.

I understand that flights should be booked in Concur, but is this mandatory? Our department candidates as well as conference speakers generally book their own flights and then request to be reimbursed. Can this process still occur?  

  It is mandatory that all flights that are paid  by UMB, either directly or through reimbursement, must be booked on-line in Concur or using the Agent Assist function. Your candidates can contact Travel Leaders Corp (TLC) with the approved request ID and work directly with a travel agent to select and book their own flight charging the airfare to their personal credit card.