1807 Pearl Gallery Expansion

Second Phase Adds Another Splash of ‘1807’ Color to Pearl Street

If you’ve walked through the Pearl Street underpass on the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) campus over the past two years, you’ve surely noticed the artwork displayed along one side from the inaugural edition of 1807, UMB’s annual art and literary journal.

Walk through it today, and you might do a double-take. In fact, the artwork on display has nearly doubled, with the west-side wall adorned with exhibits from the second edition of 1807, which was released in August 2020.

“We want people to realize that UMB is more than just the sum of its schools,” said Jennifer Litchman, MA, who is editor-in-chief of 1807 and UMB’s senior vice president for external relations. “We have scientists, physicians, social workers, dentists, lawyers, and nurses, but we also have artists — people who are more than just their occupations. And we know the importance of the relationship between the arts and health, between the arts and well-being. That’s also what we’re showcasing here.”

Gallery visitors, artists, and coordinators all agree: The metamorphosis of this dim walkway into a vibrant, well-lit art immersion experience is a great addition to the UMB campus.