Faculty Book Club: April 2024

Part 3: Challenges & Future Directions

Main Text

Dobrin, S. (2023). “Part III: Challenges and Future Directions.” AI and Writing.

Supplemental Material

  • Blog: Estrada, D. (2023). Teaching Insights: How to Teach Ai to Students (Ai Ethics And @ Njit Audit Project, Daniel Estrada). Critical AI this blog post features examples of Dr. Estrada’s students probing GenAI applications for inherent biases and ethical concerns.
  • Blog: Furze, L. (2023). Teaching AI Ethics. – provides a great introduction into nine major areas relating to ethics and AI. Blog post also includes embedded links to more in-depth exploration of the nine areas.
  • Infographic: Furze, L. (2023). Teaching AI Ethics. – infographic that summarizes the nine major areas relating to ethics and AI described in more details in the blog post above. Pairs well with blog post, but can also serve as a stand-alone quick overview.
  • TED Talk: Noble, S.U. (2014). How biased are our Algorithms? (16:48 min.) – wonderful TED talk by Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble, author of The Algorithms of Oppression. It investigates the bias revealed in search engine results and provides a good building block to explore the biases inherent in AI technologies.

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