About the Center

Stopping Violence at the Source

The UMB Center for Violence Prevention, in partnership with the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, is dedicated to launching evidence-based initiatives that tackle violence at its roots in Baltimore City and beyond.


To build resilient and equitable communities for all through the prevention and intervention of all forms of violence and trauma


We believe all individuals must thrive in a safe and equitable environment, and this is achieved by preventing all forms of violence. With an interdisciplinary approach, the center will collaborate and partner across communities, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, governmental bodies, corporations, and philanthropic organizations to bridge together and advocate for informed policies and interventions toward violence prevention and creating social justice for all. This is achieved through collaborations and community-based partnerships to conduct research, develop creative and impactful education, and advocate for polices that strengthen our communities.

Our Work

The Center for Violence Prevention at the University of Maryland, Baltimore seeks to bridge the activities of those across UMB and in the community in an interdisciplinary, collaborative fashion to conduct community-based participatory research, provide creative and impactful education, and inform and advocate for policies that strengthen our communities to prevent violence and trauma. Uniting the talents of the University of Maryland schools of medicine, social work, and law – the Center for Violence Prevention will harness their collective knowledge to build comprehensive violence prevention strategies.

Our Team

Associate Faculty: Aaron BetsingerBrook Kearley