2018 Heart Walk

  • Take steps toward a healthy you and join the fight against heart disease and stroke by signing up for the 2018 American Heart Association Heart Walk.

We have created a variety of ways for you, your friends and family to become involved.

Sign up to walk and/or donate

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The Heart Walk will be at the Camden Yards Sports Complex on Saturday, Oct. 13. There is no cost to sign up.

Join The Heart Walk

Paper hearts & I HEART UMB Shirts

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In lieu of walking and/or donating, we will be collecting donations for paper hearts and I HEART UMB shirts at locations across campus.

Find a Heart!

Want more information on heart disease?

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An array of risk factors associated with heart disease, such as sedentary lifestyle, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and smoking, are preventable or manageable. These risk factors can be improved with exercise and lifestyle changes. Interested in finding out more information about heart disease?

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