Campus Sustainability Leadership

The focus of the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s (UMB) sustainability working groups is to provide direction and leadership for the University on environmental issues and engage the UMB community in meeting its environmental information and forum needs. If you are interested in joining any of the four working groups listed below, please fill out this form. Please email with any questions.

Reduction Working Group

The Reduction Working Group is tasked with mitigating UMB’s impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Efforts include energy reduction, increasing alternative transportation methods, waste minimization, and green purchasing.

Resiliency Working Group

The Resiliency Working Group is tasked with implementing smart growth and adapting to the changing climate at UMB through design and infrastructure. Methods include increasing the University’s greenscape, conserving natural resources, and designing to account for future extreme weather events.

Engagement and Education Working Group

The Engagement and Education Working Group helps connect UMB to the rest of the city of Baltimore via partnerships, finds and implements ways to effectively communicate updates to existing programs, teaches the UMB community about the intersectional and systems approach the University has adopted for incorporating sustainability in its campus culture, and works to incorporate sustainability into curricula.

Green Labs Working Group

The Green Labs Working Group assists with the creation and implementation of a Green Labs program at UMB to address the large environmental footprint of laboratory spaces.