Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat on the bus?  

You may eat and/or drink non-alcoholic beverages on UMB shuttle buses.

Someone told me the UMB shuttle is replacing the UMB Police program where you can call and be accompanied to your car by a police officer. Is this true? 

The shuttle has done nothing to change the UMB Police Department's program, which still operates within the campus area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Three types of escorts are still available to University faculty, staff, and students: walking escorts, which are available around the clock, and police van and riding escorts from 6 p.m. to 12:20 a.m. Call 410-706-6882 or (ext. 6-6882 from a campus phone) to request a police escort. Please remember UMB Police officers are here to assist all faculty, staff, and students with any safety request. They are ready and willing to happily serve you; do not hesitate to call.

Can I request a stop at any point along the route? 

When you request a stop, the bus driver will allow passengers to exit at the next UMB shuttle stop for that particular route. The UMB shuttle will not pull over somewhere other than a UMB shuttle stop.

How will I know if my bus is running late? 

All UMB shuttle buses can be tracked using Ride System, a real-time GPS system. Ride System is accessible online. You also can download the Ride System app to receive alerts and text message or email updates about known service disruptions. There is a Ride System application for iPhone and various Android systems.

How much does it cost to ride UMB shuttle? 

The UMB shuttle is a service for University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) students, faculty, and staff. Passengers must present and swipe a valid UMB ID/One Card to the driver to board a UMB shuttle bus. A $1.75 fee will be charged to all non-students (one way).

Can I bring my bike on the bus? 

UMB shuttle buses are equipped with bike racks on the front of the bus. These racks accommodate up to two bicycles at a time and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Bicycles are not permitted inside the bus.

Can I flag down the bus if I am not at a UMB shuttle stop? 

No, the UMB shuttle will only pick up passengers at UMB shuttle stops.

How does UMB shuttle accommodate individuals with disabilities?  

UMB shuttle buses are wheelchair-accessible and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

How can I find out where the buses go? 

UMB shuttle routes and schedules are available at online and in print at the SMC Campus Center and in school lobbies.

Why was the Federal Hill Route changed? 

Changes to the Federal Hill Route were the result of community outreach to the University and the city of Baltimore. There were concerns about shuttles running through narrow streets in their community that already are congested with local traffic. As painful as these changes may be to you and other riders, we are asking riders who are affected by the route change to make adjustments to their schedules. Please look at the new route and schedule to plan for any adjustments you might have to make. You might consider incorporating the use of other transportation options available such as the Charm City Circulator and MTA. We hope you will continue to give us your suggestions as we work through the process of making this a user-friendly, efficient mode of transportation.

What if I lose or forget something on a UMB shuttle bus? 

Every day, lost-and-found items are taken to a secure area in Pearl Street Garage. If you've lost something, please call 410-706-6603 or 410-706-1275 within five days. After five days, lost-and-found items will be given to the University Police. Please call 410-706-6882 to confirm your item has been sent to the UMB Police Department Operations Center at 222 N. Pine St. Bring proof of ownership, your ID, and be prepared to give a verbal or written description. You have one year to claim your property.

Will the shuttle routes and stops be modified due to geographical locations of students, faculty, and staff in the future?  

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your suggestions regarding the UMB shuttle. While there is no plan at this time to change the existing routes, we will include your comments and suggestions in our data-collection process to determine any changes in the future. We hope you will continue to give us your suggestions as we work through the process of making this a user-friendly, efficient mode of transportation.

Can my guest ride the UMB shuttle? 

Non-University-affiliated individuals are not permitted to ride the UMB shuttle. University of Maryland Medical Center employees are not permitted to ride the shuttle under any circumstances.

Can I bring my pet on the UMB Shuttle? 

Only small pets, confined in closed pet containers, are permitted on the UMB Shuttle.  The container must be carried by the owner and not placed on a seat or in the aisle. Service animals accompanying passengers with disabilities are welcome onboard.