Community Resources

Community Resources


Local Outpatient Services:

Kolmac Clinic: 301-589-0255

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center: 410-773-0501



Narcotics Anonymous Hotline: 1-800-317-3222

Alcoholics Anonymous Baltimore Intergroup Council Hotline: 410-663-1922

Treatment Referral Hotline: 800-662-HELP

Suicide Prevention: 800-273-TALK

LGBT Lifeline: 866-488-7386

Rape Crisis Center Hotline: 210-349-7273



Support and Connection

Treatment Locator:

Hello Sunday Morning:

Harm Reduction, Moderation, and Abstinence Support:

Screening and Information on Therapy for Men:!/card/367/Addiction

D.C., Maryland, Northern Virginia Alcoholics Anonymous:

Baltimore Alcoholics Anonymous:

Online Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings:

D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia Narcotics Anonymous:

Baltimore Narcotics Anonymous:

Online Narcotics Meetings and Chat Room:

Marijuana Anonymous:

Smart Recovery:

Baltimore Celebrate Recovery:

Baltimore Al-Anon and Alateen:




Dance Safe: Information on Club Drugs and Harm Reduction:

Got a question you’ve always been afraid to ask? Go ask Alice:

Thinking about your drinking? Try a screening, learn some useful questions to ask yourself, learn tips:

Have questions about your alcohol or drug use? Worried about a friend? Talk to Frank:

Wondering if the way you’re drinking is harming your health? Need advice on whether to cut down? National Institute on Drugs and Alcohol:

Seeking drug abuse treatment? Know what to ask: