Sponsored Projects Procedures

Request an F&A Rate Waiver

Research, Sponsored Projects   |   Approved October 19, 2017


Request authorization to use a Facilities and Administrative Cost (F&A) rate that is lower than the university’s negotiated or established rate.


Investigators and administrators preparing proposal budgets. The University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) has an F&A rate agreement negotiated with the U.S. Government. UMB also has established rates for commercially sponsored research and clinical trials, and accepts rates stipulated by a sponsor’s published policy. Investigators who desire to use a rate lower than the applicable negotiated or established rate must obtain approval.


  1. Determine the applicable F&A rate for the proposal.
    1. The negotiated rate must be used when applying for federal funding, whether directly or as a subrecipient.
    2. UMB’s established rates must be used when applying for corporate funding, whether directly or as a subrecipient.
    3. The sponsor’s published rate must be used in other cases.
    4. Contact your Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) Team for assistance with determining the applicable rate.
  2. Before the proposal is submitted for approval in Kuali Coeus, write a memo that states the applicable F&A rate for the proposal and the requested lower rate for which approval is sought. Explain why a lower rate should be approved.
  3. Submit the memo for approval by your Dean’s Office. The Dean’s Office may require additional information or signatures.
  4. In Kuali Coeus, upload the memo with Dean’s Office approval as an internal attachment. For purposes of proposal review, the Kuali Coeus proposal budget may be calculated using the lower (proposed) F&A rate.
  5. When the proposal is complete, submit it for approval through Kuali Coeus.
  6. Upon receipt of the proposal in SPA, the SPA Team will forward the request for approval. The Chief Enterprise and Economic Development Officer and Vice President or designee will review the request for approval.
    1. If the request is approved, then SPA will continue with its review of the proposal.
    2. If the request is not approved, then the proposal will be returned to the investigator. The investigator or department administrator will use the applicable F&A rate to recalculate the Kuali Coeus proposal budget and then re-submit the proposal for review and approval.
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