Sponsored Projects Procedures

Request a Classified and Proprietary Work Waiver

Research, Sponsored Projects   |   Approved April 16, 2018


Request a waiver to the University System of Maryland policy on classified and proprietary work, specifically publications.


In highly unusual circumstances, University of Maryland, Baltimore President or designee may grant a waiver to the Policy on Classified and Proprietary Work in order for UMB to accept a sponsored award with restrictive publication terms.  Such exception may only occur after Office of Research and Development (ORD) personnel have attempted to negotiate any term and conditions that require restriction and/or approval of publications.


  1. Principal Investigator (PI)/Department administrator shall route any agreement for sponsored projects via Kuali Research or any other electronic means to submit documents to ORD.
  2. Office of Research and Development personnel will negotiate all terms and conditions of agreement to conform with University policy and State of Maryland laws.
  3. If Sponsor and ORD personnel fail to reach agreement on the publication terms, Principal Investigator may pursue a waiver from UMB President or designee to allow a waiver to the Policy on Classified and Proprietary work (Policy IV-2.20).
  4. PI/Department submits an email request to the appropriate Dean’s office for support of such waiver.  If a foreign national, student, visitor, or external collaborator is anticipated to work on the project or have access to the results of the project, the email must identify those individual(s) and the scope of their participation or access.
    1. If the project includes a student, a copy of the submitted email must be sent to the Graduate Affairs Office.
    2. If the project includes a foreign national, visitor, or external collaborator, a copy of the email submitted must be sent to Export Control Officer.
  5. PI/Department receives an email from the Dean’s office approving this request for a waiver.
  6. PI/Department shall complete the Classified and Proprietary Work Waiver Form.
  7. Principal Investigator/Department shall submit such form once the PI has signed the form and include the following additional documents:
    1. Scope of Work;
    2. Publication terms and conditions from Sponsor Agreement;
    3. Any supplemental letters or explanation; and
    4. Email approving the request for waiver from the PI’s respective Dean’s office.



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