Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Maintaining Laboratory Door Signs and Labels

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


Maintain accurate posting of required signs and labels affixed to laboratory door.


Laboratory personnel and all laboratories including tissue culture rooms, cold rooms, and common equipment rooms. 

The sign is to be posted on the outside of the laboratory door facing the hallway.  This door sign will indicate what types of hazards are found in the lab and provide emergency contact information.


  1. Review hazards currently located in your laboratory and cross reference any current door signs posted.
  2. Ensure you have emergency contact information for Principal Investigator and an alternate emergency contact. Additional contact and identification information will be required to complete the form:
    • Laboratory Room Information (Building Name, Room Number, Number of doors in the lab)
    • Principal Investigator (Name, Office location, Work phone, Emergency phone)
    • Alternate Emergency Contact (Name, Office location, Work phone, Emergency phone)
  3. Log into “MyEHS”.  If you have not used myEHS previously please see myEHS new user registration.
  4. Select “Submit door sign request”.
  5. Select up to 8 hazards to be identified on the sign. 
    • If more than 8 hazards requiring signs exist in your lab, please select the most significant hazards.  Contact EHS at 6-7055 for recommendations or ask EHS staff directly, ehsaudits@umaryland.edu.
    • Additional information and descriptions of each sign symbol are available on the online form.
  6. Enter all requested laboratory room information.
  7. Enter contact information for Principal Investigator and alternate emergency contact.  This must include an off campus number.
  8. Submit the online form after it has been completed in full.  The form can be reviewed from the main request page and corrections can be made by resubmitting the request.
  9. Once request has been submitted, the door signs will be delivered to the identified laboratory location within 3 days.  If you would like to pick up your door sign or have any questions regarding the process please contact EHS at 6-7055.
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